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  1. Photo and Designer have Demo's, but Publisher is not showing an option. Plans for one now that the Beta is no longer an option?
  2. Improvements seem to be being made, but I think it's fairly obvious that the team is not "print design" oriented. So many things that print designers rely on have been quirky or missing or handled drastically different between the family of apps. It keeps you from being able to quickly and efficiently use them as a set of tools for professional design work.
  3. Yup... handling of Bleeds has been what has kept me from adopting Affinity over Adobe for my 6 designers here. Needs to be consistent and usable. It's a necessary requirement for pro print work.
  4. Agreed on bleeds. The different Affinity apps handle bleeds different from each other and it's confusing. If the 3 apps are intended to be used together and for professional design work something like bleeds needs to be usable, and consistent.
  5. Also would be nice to have bleed/cropmarks work consistently between the 3 Affinity apps. Last I checked Affinity Photo and Designer both handled crops differently and unconventionally. Major reason I stopped trying to use them for professional print work was because of the differences in how they handled bleed & crop. (unless that's changed since the last time I looked at them and tested for my design workflow.)
  6. The only problem is that you currently have to buy (once Publisher is officially released) all 3 apps, then also buy all 3 on PC if you use both Mac and PC platforms. So now up to 6 purchases needed if you want to use all apps cross-platform. Convenience has a value.
  7. It would really be helpful to be able to buy and use your apps cross platform, rather than having to buy separately on Mac and PC and juggle two different licensing approaches.
  8. Another user chiming in that would have switched from Adobe a year or two ago if there was a cross-platform licensing option. Affinity is the only cross platform design apps i've tried in years that it is not an option. It isn't about the price, it's about the convenience and functionality. Hell, offer it as a higher priced option, then be surprised how much it's used by real designers who need to use both platforms. Mac at work and PC at home, and it's not worth buying Photo and Design 2 times and juggling licenses for each platform, and updates, etc.
  9. Trying to call support at 1:45 EST and it's saying "Sorry, but offices are closed." Website says open until 3:00 EST.
  10. Very disheartening. I had hoped to switch to Affinity products from Adobe Creative Cloud, but I can't believe that you can't simply do a Mac at office & pc at home situation is hard to believe in the current software environment. Every other design/photo app I have allows that between at least 2 machines if not 3.
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