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  1. Nice one @markw, I take back my grrrrrr. (You can also import images into Designer and Publisher this way, even though they don't have an Acquire Image menu item.)
  2. It does work after a fashion, @Dan C and @Cartoonjosh The iPhone has to be physically connected to the computer via USB (not wifi or Bluetooth) - and then you run the standalone Image Capture utility. It's in your Applications - Utilities folder. You may need to go through security, and then you'll get a display of the images on your phone. At the bottom of the Image Capture window, change the Import To pull-down to Affinity Photo, then click the Import button. The image will open in Affinity Photo. It's a bit of kludge I suppose and it would be fab if it worked through Affinity Photo's menu as well. (It would also be fab if the images displayed in Image Capture were slightly greater than microscopic in size grrrrrrrr.) Cheers, H
  3. It's perfectly possible. You get a "Choose folder" dialog after you've confirmed your export settings, and you can save them wherever you like. Cheers, H
  4. To use a Designer artboard as a pasteboard, you'll need to create an additional artboard at the same shape as your document on which to continue your design. You can do this when you create a new document, or you can draw your first artboard to the shape of your document and then create your 'pasteboard' as a second artboard. Screen Recording 2020-02-20 at 10.42.22.mov Search the Help files for "Artboards" and follow the links from the main page for lots of info.
  5. Have you tried Reset Studio? If that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas beyond temporarily disconnecting second monitors and graphics pads.
  6. I believe the Acquire Image command works with scanners, not phones. Here's mine: (I think it's Mac-only too.)
  7. Loving the music 😁 I think you've hidden your Studio: Indeed...
  8. Just for fun, here's a version that does it with just a single text frame. Screen Recording 2020-02-20 at 09.55.38.mov The frame has a blue background, the text has a white background, and there are four decorations: two for the red bars, two for the white areas that extend beyond them. I haven't got the spacing perfect by a long way... Extended header.afpub
  9. Hi @hujikoda! Is this what you want: Screen Recording 2020-02-20 at 08.42.54.mov If so, I've attached a Publisher document. The font is Arial Black. Text is right-aligned with a white background. The small red rectangles are letter I in the same font, in the same text frame. The text frame stretches across the full width of the blue bar but the white area only extends to the width of the text. Hope this helps! H Stretching header.afpub
  10. Hi @Robin Rpwland and welcome to the forums! 😀 You'll need to use a right indent from the Paragraph panel: (Personally that's the way I would do the indent on the left folio as well, to match them perfectly by numbers. Using spaces isn't as accurate.
  11. I think it may be this one. A few months back Serif introduced a new collection of tutorial videos and removed their links to the old ones. It is possible to find the legacy videos, though, through this page of links curated by Miguel Boto.
  12. I think it may be this one. A few months back Serif introduced a new collection of tutorial videos and removed their links to the old ones. It is possible to find the legacy videos, though, through this page of links curated by Miguel Boto.
  13. That's good - I haven't tried it in the Beta, only the release version.
  14. As per my original post: There's no physical Escape button on the keyboard.
  15. It would be really fab, in Develop persona, to have a Cancel button in the MacBook Pro Touch Bar as well as a Develop button. This is the screen: And this is the Touch Bar: with a big gap where a Cancel button would fit nicely. (The esc button in the Touch Bar doesn't function as a Cancel button.) Thanks! H
  16. Symbols are only available in Affinity Designer - it seems from the title that the OP is using Publisher. In my limited testing on macOS 10.15 running .afpub 1.7.3, if I place (link) multiple original Publisher documents into a second Publisher document, as described by Callum, and then double-click on one of them in the destination document, I get an Embedded version of the source ("small") document, not the Linked original. Any changes made to the Embedded version are not reflected in other iterations of the linked document. In order to update all iterations of the source, I have to open the original Linked document separately, via Finder (on Mac, I guess Windows Explorer on Windows), and edit it. I may be wrong...
  17. Hi @Chris B Sorry for the delayed reply, only just seen your post. I'm afraid I'm still seeing the same behaviour with build .166 It also affects vector masks created with shape tools (eg a rectangle). Below I've masked with a rectangle, I move the rectangle around and I have to zoom in and out to update the mask. I then convert the rectangle to a curve, modify the shape with the Node tool and then move the curve around. Again I have to zoom in and out: Screen Recording 2020-02-19 at 18.36.21.mov Catalina, Metal Compute enabled. MacBook Pro 2018 15", Radeon Pro Vega 20 4GB, but the graphics card doesn't appear to be kicking in with this build of Photo.
  18. No-one knows (except possibly Serif staff), but you can check out the latest betas here. If you have purchased the retail versions, you can run the betas in parallel without affecting your original installation.
  19. Hi @Patrick Connor Yes, this appears to be fixed for me in Best, H
  20. Your original question was about rectangles and didn't mention pictures. Sounds like you're on your way to solving it though. Cheers, H
  21. Presumably you're switching from Designer Persona to Pixel Persona between deselecting the rectangle and using the Flood Fill Tool? (There is no Rectangle Tool in the latter, and no Flood Fill Tool in the former.) If so, the simple answer is don't deselect the rectangle. When you click the colour swatch, the rectangle will be filled without any need to use Flood Fill. If you do deselect the rectangle, by default Designer will assume you mean to use the Flood Fill across the entire document, and create a new Pixel layer be which will be filled with your chosen colour. You can change this default behaviour by going to View - Assistant Manager... and changing the first option: You can reselect the rectangle while you're in Pixel Persona by clicking on it in the Layers Panel.
  22. Hi @Carlton picture and welcome! 😀 What happens if you click the 'hamburger' at the top of the Library panel and then choose Create New Category?
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