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  1. Hi @dwct8 and welcome! Might you have been using a second monitor at some point and dragged the panels off to the right? And then switched to a single monitor?
  2. In the Paragraph panel (or contextual menu bar) set the justification to Justified All:
  3. Hi @JamieL 0.2pt is approximately 0.07mm (seven hundredths of a millimetre) or 0.0028" (twenty eight thousands of an inch). You're talking about differences in rule weight that are practically imperceptible to the human eye, and I really don't understand how you can claim to be able to tell the difference between 0.1pt and 0.15pt. Ink spread on your printer is probably influencing the weight of the output rules - it wouldn't surprise me if the difference (such as it is) is accounted for by the direction of printing and the weave of the paper. In practical terms, I seriously doubt if anyone reading the output document is going to notice the difference. No offence meant, H
  4. I'd be happy to, but I don't think cell selection will be maintained when I share the document. By all means send me a pm with your email address. One thing I've noticed - if I hover the table tool over one of the cell borders, the tool cursor changes to the table icon (as opposed to the I-beam editing cursor), and if I then drag, it draws a new table as you described above. You need to click in the centre of a cell to select the existing table rather than draw a new one.
  5. Yes, I was working on the file you uploaded. Screen Recording 2020-11-08 at 18.57.30.mov I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to suggest, as I have no problem selecting the cells in your document using the method I described.
  6. Hi @stokerg I've attached the .xlsx file I could place and the .afpub document I placed it into, but I should point out that I used Apple Numbers to do the unmerging and then exported as .xlsx, as I don't have Excel itself. I don't think it should make any difference. Cells A2 and B2 (second row, first two cells) need to be unmerged as well as all the cells in the first row. Cheers, H Student Enrollment By Ethnicity Fall 2011.xlsx student table.afpub
  7. Once you get the knack of selecting the cells, you'll see that all the 'grey' ones have the same fill: 3C3M3Y0K. The optical illusion persists on paper.
  8. Select the Table tool. Don't drag, but double-click into one of the cells. The cell will be selected and you'll see the row and column headers. You should have an I-beam cursor (as in my vid). You can then drag to select more cells.
  9. The fill colour is again set in the Stroke and Fill section of theTable panel: Double-click into the top cell, then drag down with the table tool to select the rest of the column. The cells are currently a rather washed-out mix of CMY, but you can set the '3' values to zero and adjust the K (black) as required: Screen Recording 2020-11-08 at 17.25.28.mov Hope this helps, H
  10. I don't think so, no. You could use other software (Excel, or Numbers on MacOS) to generate the tables and import them
  11. I believe it's an optical illusion due to the absence of vertical rules around those cells. Again, change the border colour from white to black and the fill looks pretty much the same:
  12. The colour of the upper border of the lower cell has been set to white, so you can't see it against the white background: Information from the Table panel (View-Studio-Table).]
  13. Hi @farazijaz and welcome. You access the Pantone colours through the Swatches panel (View-Studio-Swatches), not through the colour mixers: -> Cheers, H
  14. I watched the video you referred and the process of setting up an Excel data file described there seems almost identical to what you do with Affinity Publisher. It requires a .csv or tab-delimited text file with a header row. The only major difference I can see is that you don't have to go through the shenanigans of typing an @ character in the header for linked images. If the data file is in the same directory as the images, then just the image name seems to work. Otherwise, as hinted at but not really explained in the video, you can include full paths, which could be quite cumbersome. This is a grab of a dummy .csv file I've been using to try it out, created in a text editor but the principle is the same as in Excel: (I would stress that this is dummy data, not real names and passwords ) I wouldn't want to add more about the data merge process here as it's still in beta and it may change/improve before release. But generally speaking I've been pretty impressed.
  15. FWIW I get the same crash on MacOS. Unmerging the cells as suggested by @GarryP, placing and re-merging in Publisher worked for me too.
  16. If this is the video you're referring to, @giaco51 it's not about the new data merge feature in Affinity Publisher beta: it's specifically about merging separate Publisher documents. As far as I'm aware there are no official tutorials yet about how to use data merge - people are picking it up as they go along...
  17. Hi @arutnev and welcome! The original question was posted and answered five years ago, and Affinity Photo has been updated many times since then. Change the mode to Resample and you will be able to modify the units. Cheers, H
  18. Back in the day publishers used AppleScript to connect QuarkXPress with FileMaker databases and automagically produce TV listings mags, classified ad supplements, sales brochures and more. My feeling is that unless Serif build some sort of cross-application automation into their apps, the data would need to be manually exported
  19. I think I must have still been asleep this morning when I posted my original answer. TBH I'm not quite sure now the precise steps I went through, so sorry @HumblePie but I may have led you on a wild goose chase. I'll leave my posts in place but edit them to reflect this.
  20. The Pantone colour palettes should be installed by default. The pull-down you need to click is not the 'Hamburger Menu' at the top right of the panel, but the list of colours that defaults to "Greys". The Pantones should be at the bottom: Cheers, H
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