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    StudioDorgs reacted to v_kyr in Xmas cookies/gingerbread   
    In case you have to bake cookies, here are some christmas theme cookies as vector assets (thus you can change or add things to your likes), for reusage in Affinity Photo & Designer & Publisher.


    Have a nice time!
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    StudioDorgs reacted to Frankentoon in FREE eBook for Designer - by Frankentoon   
    Hello guys!
    Just wanted to let you know that today I've released a FREE eBook for Affinity Designer: Creating a Stylish Jungle Scene
    For $0.00 you'll get:
    22 Pages PDF eBook FREE Assets Library  Color Palette Original .afdesign file  Click on the image to subscribe and get your download link. If you don't want to receive further emails from Frankentoon, just un-subscribe after downloading the eBook, no hard feelings :)

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    StudioDorgs got a reaction from etiennepisano2862 in Van Gogh's colour palette   
    Thank you for this! 
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    StudioDorgs reacted to etiennepisano2862 in Van Gogh's colour palette   
    Questa è la mia COLOR PALETTE ottenuta dalle opere più suggestive di Vincent Van Gogh: spero vi piaccia e vi sia utile!

    van gogh colors.afpalette
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    StudioDorgs reacted to smadell in 38 Gradient Maps for Color Grading   
    Today, let’s have fun with Gradient Maps…
    Gradient Maps are a great way to color grade photos, since they map dark, light, and midtone values according to a pre-defined gradient. This can easily define a “look” for photos that might otherwise be hard to accomplish.
    Although I am not a user of Photoshop, our “arch rival” has a wonderful group of gradient maps called “Photographic Toning” that are specifically designed to color grade photos. Although you have to drill down through a few panels and dialog boxes to find them (and you sort of have to know they’re there in the first place) they are a truly nice addition. Also, they are easily obtained by anyone.
    But, as they say, there’s the rub. Affinity Photo cannot import Photoshop gradient maps. Affinity Photo can store pre-defined gradients in the Swatches studio, but for some unknown reason the stored gradients are not available from the Gradient Map studio panel. Gradient Maps can be stored as presets, and can be chosen from the Adjustments panel, but I don’t believe they can be easily exported from one computer and brought into a different one.
    So… after a long couple of days of transcription, I have created a set of Macros that apply each of the 38 Photographic Toning gradient maps. Since macros are easy to store, and to share, I am making them available for anyone who wants them.
    There are actually 2 sets of Macros included - each as an easy-to-import Category from the Library panel. The first group of Macros is called “Photographic Toning Gradients” and these are named according to the gradient map they apply. Each macro creates a Gradient Map layer, applies the appropriate color values, and names the layer according to the gradient map it applied. The second set of macros is called “Photographic Toning Gradients - reduced.” This category also applies the gradient maps in a similar fashion, but then reduces the opacity of the layer to 30%. This reduces the effect of the Gradient Map, and produces a much subtler effect.
    Here is an image that shows the full-strength versions of all 38 gradient maps.

    And here is a photo to which I’ve applied a full-strength gradient map, and also a reduced-strength gradient map.

    These macro categories are included in the ZIP file attached to this post, along with a Letter sized JPG that includes samples of the gradient maps. Also included in the ZIP file is another macro category that includes one more macro. It’s called “Obama Hope Poster” and, as you might have guessed, it turns any photo into an Obama Hope-style poster. Just because…
    Please enjoy them!
    Photographic Toning Gradient Maps.zip
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    StudioDorgs reacted to 276ccm in Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)   
    Trying to design some more vintage style assets.. 

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    StudioDorgs reacted to 276ccm in Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)   
    A little more in my research for achieving the Victorian style.. 
    Three layers of different shadowing, but with the same lines.. hatching and crosshatching :-) 

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    StudioDorgs reacted to Craig Deeley in A small collection of AD Texture Intensity brush experiments   
    Sharing some AD brushes I made that were the result of some fun experimentation.
    Repeating strokes was a major theme in this set: CD_testbrush16-17.afbrushes
    These are brushes made while testing several notions.
    I am dropping these with no formal arrangement. They are grouped as they were created.

    Left side of the reference image attached:
    The first six brushes are designed to see how some “wet” watercolor or ink looking strokes might work when set to repeat. 
    Further down are wet edged strokes for line like effects. 
    Some have a generic texture that can be drawn over and over to create coverage. Coverage over large areas that doesn’t look like a flat fill. Just keep drawing until the strokes cover - like a watercolor fill.

    Right side:
    Strokes on the right column are mostly experiments in seeing how well the texture of Koh-I-Noor Magic FX Pencils could be emulated. These pencils are the most fun drawing tools imaginable. I was looking for a way to have several colored bands NOT draw as uniform bands (always in the same position) in emulation of the random effect of the real pencils. This was an interesting experiment - making the color bands look semi-random - but also making the bands link up and repeat.
    These were made from scans of strokes made with one of the actual pencils. The color examples are the actual pencils colors. To retain the original colors - don’t apply a stroke color to the brush.
    There are several more repeating “wet” brush strokes on the right side as well.
    Some of the line style brushes were used in the grumpy geezer image and this:
    If you do find a use for these brushes - please do share with me examples of artwork you create. I would love to see.


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    StudioDorgs reacted to 276ccm in Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)   
    Im not sure how useful or good they are, but I made some vector brushes.. useful for me, and if anyone can use them, here you go :-) 
    i made them for the love of vintage lettering styles, and I use it for backgrounds, like the old Sanborn Maps style.. 
    Anyway, as I’m quite new to brush making, I’m sure they can be improved, and if I do, I’ll update them here :-) 
    hope it it will be useful for some :-) and they can be downloaded from here.. 
    feel free to give feedback.. good or bad is welcome as long as it is constructive:-) 
    276ccm Vintage Lines.afbrushes

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    StudioDorgs got a reaction from k410 in Ability to create vector brushes   
    I think the vector Lino-cut brushes in this TutsPlus tutorial look wonderful: http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-a-set-of-art-brushes-you-can-use-to-make-a-linocut-style-illustration--cms-21964
    I can't wait to try this tut using Affinity Designer, the minute after it's possible to make custom vector brushes.
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    StudioDorgs reacted to Waltrust in Copic color palette   
    Here is a copic palette I created. Maybe it will be useful for someone.

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    StudioDorgs reacted to catlover in AffDes + AffPhoto: Protractors & Moveable 0-point rulers v2.0   
    Protractors & moveable zero-point rulers
    I have removed the existing files from the Resources Forum, and replaced them with an updated version (v2.0)
    Changes :
    >One-click color change.
    >No separate horizontal and vertical rulers.
    >>If a separate Hor/Vert ruler is needed, open the file and delete the obsolete ruler.
    >Rulers & Protractors are now also available as "Asset".
    >Naming conventions streamlined.
    Please feel free to edit/change the files to your liking.
    The rulers/protractors are available as file  for use with Affinity Photo as well as Asset for Affinity Designer.
    For using the rulers/protractors, please refer to the "How To" file / asset.
    Instead of having to copy/paste a ruler, you can also stick the ruler files onto your desktop and upon use, drag it onto the canvas. It will then show up as an embedded document (separate layer) which you can also delete when no longer needed.
    I hope you find them useful until the upcoming release of the much anticipated major 1.7 update.
    How to v2.0.afdesign
    Protractor-type1 v2.0.afdesign
    Protractor-type1a v2.0.afdesign
    Protractor-type2 v2.0.afdesign
    RulerV+H-15cm v2.0.afdesign
    RulerV+H-30cm v2.0.afdesign
    RulerV+H-Inch-10th v2.0.afdesign
    RulerV+H-Inch-16th v2.0.afdesign
    Rulers&Protractors v2.0.afassets
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    StudioDorgs reacted to StuartRc in Project Brush Assets Poison Set 6   
    Added Project Set 6  : Poison (painting moss)
    30 'Moss' Raster Brushes based on Poison

    PROJECT BRUSH - POISON 01 02.pdf
    ProjectBrush - Poison B.zip
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    StudioDorgs reacted to StuartRc in Project Brush Assets Poison Set 6   
    Working on a new set of raster brushes based on Poison
    Added Project Set 6 [A]: Poison (painting mushrooms!)
    30 new Raster Brushes using vector objects created in drawing
    PDF sample sheet as attached

    PROJECT BRUSH - Poison 01 01.pdf
    ProjectBrush - Poison A.zip
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    StudioDorgs reacted to StuartRc in Pattern Brush Packs   
    Thought it was about time I added some of the brushes from a previous drawing completed in May ...Sorry it's taken so long!
    Extended Brush set to 120 Mixed Patterns 
    Size restricted to initial Brush Size to 100px as not relevant to the patterning with these types of brushes.
    Made some changes to the post:
    1. Added A4 sample sheet for reference [PDF]
    2. Added new sample sheets and removed old visuals from the post
    3. Added full set zip file to first comment

    New Format
    PB PATTERNS 01 Sample120.pdf
    Pattern Brush Set 1 Packs 1-12.zip
    Single Brush Packs (as original upload)
    Copied the links from rest of post to make things a bit easier
    PATTERNS-01 Pack -01.zip
    PATTERNS-01 Pack -02.zip
    PATTERNS-01 Pack -03.zip
    PATTERNS-01 Pack -04.zip
    PATTERNS-01 Pack -05.zip
    PATTERNS-01 Pack -06.zip
    Patterns-01-Packs 07-10.zip
    Patterns-01-Packs 11-12.zip
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    StudioDorgs reacted to StuartRc in Pattern Brushes Sample Set 2 [A] & Set 3 [A]   
    Added 60/240 New Pattern Brushes to supplement original set [Pattern Brush Packs]
    Set A from Set 2 (30 Brushes)
    Set A from Set 3 (30 Brushes)
    Samples as displayed below
    PDF file for reference
    2 Zip files

    Pattern Brushes PB 13-15.pdf
    PATTERNS-02 Set A.zip

    Pattern Brushes PB 03 A.pdf
    PATTERNS-03 Set A.zip
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    StudioDorgs reacted to StuartRc in Asset Library 2017 Inktober Vectors   
    Assets from [Screech] inktober #09
    Sharing a selection of vector assets
    Asset List subCategory List
    35 Feathers
    8 Fill texture patterns
    14 Texture Groups
    19 Texture Overlays
    11 Trees/partial
    13 Leaves
    11 shapes 
    Asset Sample Sheets
    PDF sample Sheet x2 (not all assets displayed)
    Single asset file with 7 subcategories
    Samples as displayed (had to change colour of some assets in library as don't display well on grey backgrounds)
    Also embedded repeating patterns (x2) had to be inserted to assets as group rather than embedded file (which is how I usually use them.)
    Hope you find them useful

    Vector Assets 01 01.pdf
    Vector Assets 01 02.pdf
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    StudioDorgs reacted to StuartRc in Project Brush Assets Monster Club [Mixed Source] 5   
    Added Project Set 5
    Sharing a new collection of brushes
    A streamlined set of 30 brushes used to create 'Monster Club' and composed from mixed sources in the Brush Library + new brushes edited/redesigned to assist with painting
    Replaced original brushes used for creating Monster Club (first AD project!) with completely new set using better brush dynamics and recent nozzles.
    A lot of 'low flow' brush dynamics here to help build up pattern texture
    PDF sample sheet as attached

    PROJECT BRUSH - Monster Club 01 01.pdf
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    StudioDorgs reacted to Affinity Templates in Neon Kit for Affinity Designer   
    Free Neon Elements you can use them conveniently thanks to the assets panel .afassets file included. 
    You can use it in both personal and commercial projects for yourself, your company or your customer.
    hope it will be useful for you
    Download it from here http://www.affinitytemplates.com/neon-kit-resources-for-affinity-designer/
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    StudioDorgs reacted to CienciasMagicas in 200 Vector Gradients   
    Hello everyone!
    I share a palette of gradients, which I have had for years.
    Note: I do not know the author's name, which is why I do not mention it.

    200 Vector Gradients.zip
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    StudioDorgs reacted to Mensch Mesch in AP (Desktop and iPad) - Free template for seamless repeating pattern with symbols from Affinity Designer   
    With this free template you can use the cool symbols function from Affinity Designer in Affinity Photo on you desktop and on your iPad.
    This tutorial demonstrates the use of the template
    Have fun to draw your own seamless repeating patterns.
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    StudioDorgs reacted to jhazel0705 in Free brush packs - Both Vector and Raster   
    Hey guys......so I was working on my new course...and got the the lesson on making brushes.....sooooo I had to amek some brushes. 
    I made a set of fog/ smoke brushes in raster and a set of silky smooth stroke brushes for your vector applications. 
    I have learned so much from the people on the site....I wanted to give back, so here ya go . I am working on new blog post and some new art using them....so I will keep you in the loop 
    Feedback on them is always appreciated, I love making these sorts of tools 
    Jeremy , www.7thseasonstudios.com
    Stroke brushes -7th season studios .afbrushes
    Smoke and fog brushes -7th season studios.afbrushes
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    StudioDorgs reacted to StuartRc in Texture Brushes Pack Fur Set 1   
    Texture Brush Fur 
    Extended Texture Brush Packs with a new set Brushes [Fur]
    Zip file contains 30 brushes (1 pack x 30)
    PDF sample file added

    TB 4 FUR Set 4-37-39.pdf
    TB4 Fur Brushes - 0A.zip
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    StudioDorgs reacted to StuartRc in Texture Paint [mixed nozzle raster brushes]   
    Hi all
    This is a new small sample set of brushes I have been working on for several months with base textures, seamless patterns with mixed vector/bitmap nozzles. 
    It is a larger single set containing 30 raster brushes I have changed the numeric s slightly on the brush reference sheet (it's just a number!) 
    Sample sheet is attached

    TexturePainter - 01-S.zip
    TxP 1 Set 1.pdf
    Added A new version of the sample set using AD 1.7 Brush Engine
    Used #08 sample set Texture Paint Brush set as latest in sequence!
    TexturePainter - 08-S.zip
    TxP1 BRUSH PACKS TxP 8 01.pdf

    Added Experimental Set combining 2 brush Sets
    1. Project Brush Organics 08 (For AD/AP version 1.7)
    2.Texture Paint Special Set 08 (For AD/AP version 1.7)
    Added luminosity adjustments for effect

    TexturePainter - Effects-09-E.zip
    TxPE1 BRUSH PACKS TxPE 9 01.pdf
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    StudioDorgs reacted to paolo.limoncelli in DAUB Kraken is Out!   
    Hi All!
    I'm here to share with you DAUB Kraken a brand new set with 114 tools included and a special discount for forum users!

    This set include:
    DAUB Calamus - 28 Tools
    A set of textured inkers, with pressure and other dynamic responsiveness.
    Different nibs, bristles and behaviours to create catchy and vibrant strokes. This set is usable in Affinity Designer too!
    DAUB Asper - 34 Tools
    A set of dry media, with rough look and feel. Pressure and other dynamics are there to make anything look dramatically analog.
    This set is usable in Affinity Designer too!
    DAUB Moiré - 52 Tools
    A set including linocut and grunge textured rakes, ideal to create engraved styles.
    This set also includes a terrific collection of halftone patterns and stippling textures working with pressure.
    You'll see the density increasing with pressure and building up strokes too.
    Grab the stroke guide here
    Please note that some brushes could act different on iOS version of AP.
    Use the following link  to get a 20% OFF!
    Merry Christmas!
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