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  1. AI offer me to rasterize vector PDF created in AD? Is it OK?
  2. Yes, I know. But, I didn't get any notification about new update. Designer is the first app I saw that didn't have any update options in "Help" or any other menu. It is very unusual.
  3. Hi, version is my first version (on Windows) so I don't have any earlier ones. BTW, do we have to update Affinity apps only through Forum?
  4. Hi, I can not find an option for updating, neither in "Help" menu, nor anywhere else. Can somebody expalin to me how to do it?
  5. It is on their roadmap. It is not implemented yet.
  6. Hi, under "Export > PDF" you should include "View PDF after export" feature, just to be sure when the export is finished, among others.
  7. Hi, you guys have done really an excelent software. Untill now, I could only read about it, but now in reality, it is completely new feeling. In this day and a half I had only one problem with creating PDF file, but an automatic report was sent to you immediatelly. The app works little bit slowly and I don't know wheter it is a problem with my laptop (attachment) or Designer. But, I don't care too much because it is really fantastic peace of software. BTW, the resolution of my DELL laptop is 1368 x 768 pix (as most laptops?) so a part of "View" can not be seen. My suggestion is to groop "Zoom" options in a submenu and make room for other options in the main "View" menu. And, most important, you have a new customer. I can not wait for Photo and Publisher to come to Windows. Thank you very much, indeed.
  8. Why everybody thinks always on money when integration between the 2 (3 in near future) apps is mentioned? They can keep the price, but "the package" would not have any overlaping code. They could even offer (like Xara) all 3 apps separate and all 3 integrated in one (Pro version) for the same price (150 USD) or even increase the price and add some extra features in Pro version (like Xara Designer Pro)?
  9. ???? Have you read (mine) previous posts? I am also against this. Have you ever seen their "Full feature list" for APh and AD? They share a lot in common, just like Serif's PagePlus, DrawPlus and Photo Plus which share more than 50% of common features. Adobe is another story. They put text (char and para styles?) and video tools in Photoshop, text tools and photo efects in AI, and what is more interesting all their common features did not work the same way. Even more, there are text effects in Photoshop, but not in InDesign??? Instead of one app which would have cca 250 Mb and much more easier to work with, we will have 3 apps with more than 600 Mb.
  10. Hi, I would like to know if Affinity apps supports more than one graphic processors or graphic cards? If so, would it will be same for Windows versions.
  11. Maybe export to TIF instead of PSD. They have almost identical fuctionality.
  12. +1 Yes, Stephen, this is what I have in mind. When you have in mind to "replace" Adobe software with your own, then you must not omit Adobe's Reader/Acrobat. What you mentioned in the first part of the post can easilly be created/changed in Affinity apps, but I mean of wider use of new reader/editor. To complete replacement of Adobe's Reader/Acrobat by all their users, and even every other who need this kind of product.
  13. +1 I don't find creating new object from "Smart Fill" more elegant. What if you like to move one object a little bit? Then you must delete the previous created "Smart Fill" object and then create a new one, instead of auto filling the new empty space.
  14. So, maybe it is not a bad idea to remove bitmap tools out of Designer, vectors tools out of Photo, and text tools from both of them?
  15. Hi, I have Canon PowerShot SX40 HS that originaly does not shoot RAW format, but I make it through a software. Is it possible to add in the list and to support it in APh?
  16. Why not. I would be happy to pay 150 USD/EUR for 3-in1. Imagine you are a painter and you paint your masterpiece with some (pastel?) colors. And then you decided to continue with some other kind of colors (aquarel). But, what is happening? They are not here but on the other table where you work strickly with aquarel. So, you take your paper and go there. And after that you decide to change... Oh, my God. Do I have to work or to go for a walk? You need ALL 3 tools to design and the best way is to merge ALL 3 into 1. Like Xara, Canvas, PhotoLine... What's wrong with them?
  17. I had Mac years ago with MacOS 7.5. But, I couldn't afford it to upgrade anymore. In that period I worked without headaches. Just install the program and start working. No viruses, no OS crashes... Nowadays you have to reinstall Windows any 6 months, problems with drivers... You are in dilema why you bought your computer -- to work or to repair it all the time. I'm planing to make Hackintosh these days.
  18. You announced it on your site in a matter of weeks. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/windows/
  19. +1 This feature will reduce heavilly the use of standard guides.
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