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    cramosm got a reaction from MikeTO in Index cross references not working (cannot add new cross reference)   
    Thanks. The workaround worked. I hope, though that this glitch will be fixed in the future. This did not happen in Affinity Publisher v.1. 
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    cramosm reacted to WAZZAJ in Book Feature for Multiple afpub files   
    Can we please have a book feature in Affinity Publisher. We need to be able to design a book with multiple .afpub files: The feature should allow automatic page numbering, TOC and Indexing (see attached screen capture of InDesign Book feature showing all the options).
    I'm working on a 248 page full colour book and one file would be over 100 Mb. This would result in the program crashing, as it did when I had one file of 40Mb. I've had to split it into 18 files and even that gives me files that are large. 
    All the designers I work with prepare files like this so we need to be able to compile a TOC and Index from all the separate .afpub files.

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    cramosm got a reaction from jmwellborn in MAC OS Catalina upgrade and Affinity Apps not opening   
    The problem was solved a few weeks after my post. This dates from the first time Catalina was launched. Either Apple or Affinity fixed it, since I saw many posts on the problem. Since then I've had no problems. I bought Affinity Photo after having cooperated with the Beta version some years ago, directly from Affinity. By the way, I also have had big problems with Adobe's suites. I used Photoshop since 1992. Then over the years I bought into their suites and worked with Dreamweaver, InDesign, Lightroom, and so on, until 2005 or so (I forget) when they came out with their monthly plans and I couldn't open the programs on my computer once I migrated to a new iMac. I am an Affinity fan now: AF Photo, Designer, Publisher. By the way, I lost all my Dreamweaver files… As for your problem, I think the best way is to go to Apple's forums.
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    cramosm reacted to MEB in Placeholder in Masters   
    Hi Stefanoc, smac1314,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    The dev teams are already aware of these issues/lack of functionality regarding masters. There should be more improvements coming in future updates/versions to address this.
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    cramosm reacted to Stefanoc in Placeholder in Masters   
    It would be nice to have the possibility to define "dynamic" objects in Master pages so that it will be possible to fill them in the single pages. I mean, let say you place an empty text box in the Master, then it would be nice to be able to fille the box with different content in different pages.
    Or maybe it's already possible and I missed it  ?
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    cramosm reacted to Roger H in mini-review of Publisher - and comment on Affinity dev process   
    Exactly. It seems that everything has to be manually created on each page. Most disappointing.
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    cramosm reacted to Ania in mini-review of Publisher - and comment on Affinity dev process   
    Your point is well taken that text frames on a master page are not live on the actual page. What's the point of a master page then?
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    cramosm reacted to walt.farrell in mini-review of Publisher - and comment on Affinity dev process   
    We need to be able to put text frames (for document text) on Master Pages, but that's not the reason.
    Even without it, you don't need to layout and link each text box on each page. You can use a Master Page for the text that should be on every page (headers, footers) and apply that to a document page. Then you can put a text box on the document page and start filling it. When it overflows, shift-click the "link" button and you'll get a new document page with the content from the Master and an identical text box (same size, position, and characteristics). Or, if you're pasting text into the box, you'll get as many new pages as needed to handle the overflow, all with identical text boxes.
    Thus, you only layout the text frame once, and Publisher lays out and links the others for you.
    What this lacks, though, is the ability to later change the layout of the text frames (position, other characteristics) and have those changes propagate to all the pages. That's really why we need to be able to put document text frames on Master pages, in my opinion.
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    cramosm reacted to R C-R in Rename a master page   
    Click on the name field of the master page in the Pages studio after it is selected to edit its name.
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    cramosm reacted to paulzabphoto in Set White Point, Photoshop-style   
    Being able to set your white, mid and black points using ink values (by the numbers), gives you the most accurate way of controlling how much ink hits the page. Important when supplying images for use in CMYK printing and you don't want to let pre-press software automatically make decisions about these matters. Please see attached PDF.
    It would be great to see this essential feature in Affinity Photo.
    Paul Zab by the numbers.pdf
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    cramosm reacted to MEB in How to make text curved in AP   
    Hi GrahamHCB,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    You can try to use the Mesh Warp Tool (double-click inside the mesh area to add new control points) to warp the text.
    Currently text on a path is only available in Affinity Designer.
    If you have it installed you can edit the document there going to menu File ▹ Edit in Designer..., then select the path, change to the Artistic Text tool, place the cursor over the path until a T with a wave below appears and start typing.
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