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  1. Hi Legarto If you like I can send you one of the files with associated pics via We transfer. That way you could see everything.
  2. Here is a copy of the Resource manager... I tried changing all files to CMYK in Photo and it made no difference to the final PDF. I have just started working on another book and with only text the files seem too big (650 kb for 6 pages of just text!!).
  3. All the pics in the file are adjusted in size so their effective resolution is 300 - 400 dpi. So this shouldn't be an issue. I'm using Affinity Publisher 1.8.3 which as far as I now is the latest version.
  4. Tried converting all photos to CMYK then exporting. Made little difference. The sample file went from 121.4 Mb to 117.8 Mb. So there is another reason for the over large files. Lagarto's sample files also show the difference when exporting via Affinity vs InDesign. PLEASE can this be fixed. Also the bloated file sizes mentioned in earlier posts.
  5. Hi Lee Attached settings for InDesign. general.tiff output.tiff compression.tiff
  6. Thanks Legarto. I'll try converting all the pics to CMYK in one file then exporting. I avoided this because there's around 700 pics in the whole document.
  7. I have exported a publication for offset printing. The resulting PDF for just 12 pages is 128 Mb whereas when I export using InDesign the file is 40 Mb. When I export the complete book via Affinity Publisher it is 2.6 Gb whereas via InDesign it is 820 Mb. So files are three times larger through Affinity Publisher than through InDesign. The result is that the printer can't run the files as they are too large. I had to take the Affinity PDFs, place them in InDesign and export from there. I've uploaded a screen shot of the PDF settings FYI.
  8. Thanks Thomaso, that's very helpful. I'll need to visit the tutorials on using the Photo Persona.
  9. If the text is rasterised is there a way to undo that or do I have to replace it?
  10. All text shows in afpub as Helvetica Neue light 10 pt. Don't understand how it could be rasterised. I have picked up that the text is CMYK rather than 100 K which I'm fixing. Text on 28-29 has no stroke in afpub so don't understand how it could have in the PDF. Even so if it has no stroke color I wouldn't think that would have any affect??
  11. Here are four sample pages. Problem occurs with pp136-137. test_file.afpub
  12. I have file where, for example, the text on page 30-31 is lighter than on page 28-29. Same font, same colour specs but comes out lighter on the exported PDF. I think I lightened the images on those pages using the Photo Persona so maybe it has something to do with that?? p28-31_PA_Palmlike.pdf
  13. That presents a real problem. Guess I'll have to take a PDF back to InDesign and do it there.
  14. I need to show fold marks for a document. It should show outside the bleed area in the press ready PDF. Is there a way to do this?
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