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  1. I worked with InDesign for a good number of years and I can tell you that since my first experience with that program I could simply draw up a list of topics independently of the main text and then have the program apply them automatically in creating the index markers. I abandoned all Adobe programs once they started the subscription system.
  2. I am using a MAC desktop, OS Mojave. After downloading the latest 1.7 Beta version I opened a document started with former versions and the pages numbers were off. On the side panel the numbers under the pages are different from the numbers on the main view of the pages. This is important, since pages on the left should be pair numbers and on the left, odd numbers. On the side panel they are ok. I think this was not a problem before.
  3. Great to see that the Publisher Beta is improving. My main problem at present is that I cannot start working if I cannot create Masters with editable placeholders. I hope this is a priority with the team. Thanks!
  4. Say I have a master page with page numbers. Then I want a second one, the same master with different style numbers for a section of the book. Then I want a third one for another section, still the same basic master page, without any numbers at all. So I could create the first master page, duplicate it twice and save me the trouble of creating each one separately. But then, I do not get the option of "renaming" each master page when I choose Spread properties, for instance. So that is my question, how do I rename an existing page that I duplicate.
  5. When I try to record a macro for resizing pictures to exact pixels, the macro records the transform process in terms of percentages applied to the resulting file. That's convenient, but it would also be convenient in exact number of pixels, regardless of the size of the initial file.
  6. In working with Affinity Photo (MAC, 5.1), I usually used the selection brush. Today I realized I don't have the freehand selection tool. The Help search does not help.