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  1. Text --> Show Special Characters ---- Great! I also needed to learn this. But my point is: why not call them "hidden characters" which is the way everybody knows them? Thanks
  2. The problem was solved a few weeks after my post. This dates from the first time Catalina was launched. Either Apple or Affinity fixed it, since I saw many posts on the problem. Since then I've had no problems. I bought Affinity Photo after having cooperated with the Beta version some years ago, directly from Affinity. By the way, I also have had big problems with Adobe's suites. I used Photoshop since 1992. Then over the years I bought into their suites and worked with Dreamweaver, InDesign, Lightroom, and so on, until 2005 or so (I forget) when they came out with their monthly plans and I couldn't open the programs on my computer once I migrated to a new iMac. I am an Affinity fan now: AF Photo, Designer, Publisher. By the way, I lost all my Dreamweaver files… As for your problem, I think the best way is to go to Apple's forums.
  3. Success! Affinity Apps running fine. Thanks to all for your comments and help.
  4. I will be doing that, but right now I have to go away for one hour. I will let you know after uninstalling, reinstalling. Thank you.
  5. Due to other obligations I just came back to my computer. I learned that Catalina was distributed as Beta earlier this year, maybe since last year, so that those compatibility issues should not be there. (1) Photoshop Elements 14, which didn't work yesterday, today is booting fine. (2) Affinity Photo starts booting then nothing happens. On right click the option Force Quit appears. Epson scanner wasn't working either and a visit to Epson website solved it by downloading 64 bit version of the drivers. Is there a way to see Affinity Photo booting to pinpoint where it stalls, maybe a new security check or a 32 bit file? This is just an idea. Other people having the same problem?
  6. I installed MAC OS 10.15 and now I cannot open any of my Affinity Apps (Photo, Designer, Publisher). When I click on the app logo it starts booting and freezes. Is there a way about this? Thank you!
  7. I installed Catalina last night and today Affinity Photo won't open at all. There is not even a message. The same with Photoshop Elements, by the way.
  8. I worked with InDesign for a good number of years and I can tell you that since my first experience with that program I could simply draw up a list of topics independently of the main text and then have the program apply them automatically in creating the index markers. I abandoned all Adobe programs once they started the subscription system.
  9. Say I have a master page with page numbers. Then I want a second one, the same master with different style numbers for a section of the book. Then I want a third one for another section, still the same basic master page, without any numbers at all. So I could create the first master page, duplicate it twice and save me the trouble of creating each one separately. But then, I do not get the option of "renaming" each master page when I choose Spread properties, for instance. So that is my question, how do I rename an existing page that I duplicate.
  10. When I try to record a macro for resizing pictures to exact pixels, the macro records the transform process in terms of percentages applied to the resulting file. That's convenient, but it would also be convenient in exact number of pixels, regardless of the size of the initial file.
  11. In working with Affinity Photo (MAC, 5.1), I usually used the selection brush. Today I realized I don't have the freehand selection tool. The Help search does not help.
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