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  1. hello all. thank you all in advance as I am clueless on how to reply to everyone who helps. i don't know how to share my work either. i will try. 3 days ago my Affinity Photo App worked great. and yesterday or day before the Mac Desktop version of AP split into separate windows which I cannot put back together again. I can do no work and when I start up Affinity Photo it no longer appears whole. it is just a few toolbars grayed out. no work window. Help me to fix the issue or to delete and reinstall the Affinity Photo App. without paying for it a second time. thanx everyone and if i don't personally say thanks it's because i am unable to do so. so thank you all now. i hope someday i will be able to help others with their concerns. ali black
  2. thank you so much R C-R. problem solved. a simple reboot and all the images reappeared. don't know how this works but it does. you are right about anything i wanted to copy for later printing would not appear on the desktop. it really is a pain when you must restart everything from scratch. but it worked. now all images are visible. thank you so much. ali black
  3. I was using the iMac enlarging and exporting my work to desktop. it worked fantastic for weeks and suddenly it no longer works. go through the same process and now nothing on the desktop. i enjoy exploring the Affinity Photo application. have been using it for over a month now. this is the second time asking for help. i am not very techno-savvy. but it is a puzzle that my jpg worked well and then nothing. 16"X20" portraits, 24X36 artwork and others. thank everyone who comments, in advance. thank you so much. your service is greatly appreciated. i would like too one day return the favor. where to start? my images are too large to transfer. they are for printing. thank you for your time & consideration. ali black
  4. i thank the kind gentleman who helped me yesterday and the day before. i 'm still at it... most of my photos & artwork are 16" square and i add 2" colored borders to the bottom and top so they fit 16" X 20" black exhibition frames. all art and photos are interchangeable (this is iPad Pro 10.5" 2017). i have managed to create some 16X16 images i enlarged to 16X20. the borders are white. i just can't find how to color them, or how to make the images 25mb max, without losing 300dpi. (same as the 2'X3' posters). thanks to the gentleman who was so helpful and showed me where to find so much information concerning my images after filter treatment. they would return to their original state just by touching them. thank you all for your help. ali black
  5. Hello Dan C. i have the iPad Pro (10.5" 2017) version of Affinity. thank you for your comments in advance. ali black
  6. hello everyone. Q: why do my original images return to their original state after using filters (mirror filter). i change the new image name and save them. new images then revert back to the original image. how to preserve the changes to these new images? i did buy the book but they are sold out right now. it will be a while before getting it. thank you all for all your help to this newbie. your help is much appreciated. thank you, everyone, alison black
  7. Thanks, Alfred for the information. i bought a t-shirt from the AP store and my information was accepted by Affinity Photo. i am lost on this forum it will take a while to get comfortable with it. thanks so much for your time and patience. alison black.
  8. Hello people. Affinity Photo for iPad Pro won't accept my email address. i cannot register with AP even though i purchased the app from Apple's app store. if you can help me it would be greatly appreciated. i am a beginner with AP and with the iPad Pro 10.5" 2017. thank you all in advance. ali black
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