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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I'm aware of the ripples filter and have tried it. But even just to get one ripple in a circular fashion doesn't seem to work. Cheers, Paul
  2. Hi, I’ve seen a couple of threads here about getting the ripples on water effect but I can’t find any pertaining to circular ripples. I've attached a screenshot of the type of ripple effect I'm looking for. Anybody know how to achieve this? Cheers, Paul Zab
  3. Hi, Another small request – I'm sure the soft engineers are VERY busy! When you select the eye dropper tool, you are wanting to see the ink values in the info palette. It would be good if, upon selecting the eye dropper tool, the info palette is automatically selected. Cheers, Paul Zab www.paulzabphoto.com
  4. Hi, I'm creating a calendar with bleed and cannot work out how to set up a 13 page document (cover page plus 12 pages) as single pages. When I add extra pages, the app insists as setting them up as spreads. Any ideas? Cheers, Paul Zab
  5. Hi, I back this suggestion but I'm also glad the HSL filter/tool has changed to this colour picker wheel interface in this latest update. Cheers, Paul Zab
  6. Hi, I find this tool handy for fashion and portraiture work where I want to highlight the model. It saves me having to create a shape (no big deal anyway). In addition to the exposure, hardness, scale and shape functions within this filter, a rotation (in degrees) function would be handy also. Perhaps combined with the ability to rotate it 'by hand' with our mouse would also be good. And then to drag it's centre point around so we can position the vignette where we desire i.e. so it doesn't have to be anchored to the centre of the image. Cheers, Paul Zab | paulzabphoto
  7. Hi Miguel, Many thanks for your efforts. Rasterising eliminates the existing bleed so I have to re-introduce the bleed. But it does keep the effect produced by the lighting filter – thanks. I’m aware of converting text to curves but, as I come originally from a pre-press background, this is not always successful with type of a small point size. It seems to be working with my artwork in this case but it’s certainly not the preferred method. I hope the devs are putting these types of issues as very high priority for the sake of credibility of the s
  8. Hi MEB & Wosven, I have uploaded the files to the link suggested by MEB – many thanks. Because the file is going to an offset printer, the file is set up in CMYK with the Coated FOGRA 39 profile. That’s why, in the PDF export settings, the nominated colour space is “As document”. Perhaps the lighting filter doesn’t work in CMYK when exported to PDF? I don’t want to rasterise everything because that means the type will be rasterised and that should remain vector – for best quality. I have chosen to embed all fonts in the PDF settings.
  9. As you can see, the lighting effects filter has not worked and the fonts haven't either. Cheers, Paul Zab
  10. Hi, It's still not working, so I've attached screenshots of: • what it's supposed to look like with the lighting filter; • what it looks like after exporting to PDF; & • the PDF settings used. Cheers & thanks, Paul Zab
  11. Hi, Thanks for those last couple of suggestions. I will check my Export/PDF settings and try again. If it still doesn't work, I'll put the file up.
  12. Anyone got any further clues re. my other question above: I just made a CMYK high resolution PDF of this file and the lighting filter/gradient effect is gone i.e. it's just as if I created a solid rectangle. The effect of the lighting filter has been eliminated after making a press-ready CMYK high resolution PDF. Cheers, Paul
  13. Thanks Chris_K, carl123 and Wosven for your replies. I just made a CMYK high resolution PDF of this file and the lighting filter/gradient effect is gone i.e. it's just as if I created a solid rectangle. Is that also because of going to 8-bit? Any ideas? Cheers, Paul
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