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  1. I made it. Great. Thank you so much. So easy but I wouldn't have got it alone.
  2. When I create the smaller white rectangle and move it "under" my picture, the picture also has the white rectangle. Attached is my example. I'm quite close. my_example.afphoto
  3. Thank you so much. I forgot to add a picture, here it is. What kind of layer is the Gaussian Filter? It's not just a Guassian, I can see the crop icon. When I try it, my complete picture is blured out.
  4. Hi toltec, I use Affinity Photo, which opened your file with a big white space. It looks the way I want it but I can't exchange the picture with some of mine. Is there any way to create a macro so that I can use a batch process over more than one pictures? Thanks -Nick
  5. Hi, as I boardgame reviewer I need to take pictures of the games and there is one effect (I would call it "smooth frame"), I can't recreate in Affinity. Here is an example. As you can see, I need to put a frame in a special color around the picture and the picture itsself has a smooth transition. Thank you so much. -Nick
  6. Until now, I'm used to Huion GT-220, but my hope was the iPad Pro since I can use it for more than "just" photography things.
  7. Thank you, SrPx. Since my choice fell on the big iPad Pro, I was also going to test the Apple pencil, but I would have ordered other ones since I didn't know they won't work. Hope to get my hands soon on the Affinity App on the iPad.
  8. Ok, I did not know. So I ordered the Apple Pencil (as a lack of choices) *gg*. Thank you.
  9. Hi, I will get my iPad Pro next and I tried to figure out which pencil I should use for the Affinity app. Do you have any recommendations besides the Apple pencil? Thanks -Nick