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  1. A bit worrying to see serif's plans for another software although the community is still waiting for necessary features of AD. I remember very well that two years ago, it was said that the users shall remain patient with their requests due to the intense work on AP. Now, two years and only few AD features later, serif has another big project, where they have to focus on, and again no time to include the features into AD, which are on the road map since version 1.0. That's bad news.
  2. Ok, thanks for the explanation. I though this is a feature which is highly necessary to use AD as a design tool in a bigger commercials design network, where you cannot force everyone to use the same software. I spare out a cynic comment here and just add the which, that the feature of font interpretation might be added in a future release, please. Alternatively, please make clear in you advertisements that AD is not a tool for technical and scientific work due to the lack of font interpretation (which you need as soon as a collaborator sends you a data plots to prepare for journals) and arrow heads (obvious). LJ.
  3. Hi Chris, sorry, this was a misunderstanding. The font replacement dialog works for also on my system. This is what I referred to with "import options" in my first post. However, I am confused that a PDF graphic, that I generated on the same system, and what can be opened and visualized correctly by all PDF readers on that system, cannot be opened with AD without screwing up the fonts. Maybe I understand to little about how PDFs work, but my question is, what do the PDF readers different to AD, that they do not screw up the fonts created by another third-party software? Or asking a bit different, why do I not have to choose a replacement font in a PDF reader? Cheers, LJ.
  4. Hi Chris, sure, please see attached. Thanks for having a look into it. Cheers, LJ. !Figure_MSstyle.pdf
  5. Dear Affinity support, I discovered a problem with the font replacement when I import a PDF which was created by another third party software. When I open this PDF with MacOS Preview, everything looks all right (see screen shot). But as soon as I open this file with AD the fonts get destroyed (see other screenshot, options: no font replacement, no grouping) regardless of which import option I choose. That's why I cannot use AD to post process my plots for glamorous journals, which makes 90% of the use of AD for me. Is there a solution for that? Cheers.
  6. Arrow heads in progress... This is what I hear since two years. Very frustrating. Here is a little list of software that allows drawing arrows just to see with what AD still cannot compete: Inkscape Gimp OmniGraffle Paint2 (!) EazyDraw (!!) and PowerPoint and I know that PowerPoint is no design software, but imagine that even horrendous Microsoft "software" offers this simple feature. Please, if there is a most wanted list, I am pretty sure this topic should be somewhere on top. Please make it happen for us guys who are not simply drawing beautiful colorful pictures. Cheers.
  7. It would be just great to know whether we can expect such (or a similar) feature within this release of Affinity Designer or whether this is more something fundamental which has to be added in a future upgrade (maybe AD2 or something). Can someone answer to this already or does it needs some weeks to discuss this? Thanks in advance.
  8. Dear Affinity Designer Team, I am very excited follower of your work. Your app seems to have the potential for a AI alternative for what I am looking for since months. I am very close to purchase it. But there is one critical feature I am missing and that is a 3D tool box. Beside AI there is no other vector graphics software on the market which is able to "extrude" objects and to use their path to make perspectival logos a.s.o. To give a better understanding of my request I attach three AI tutorials resulting in very simple but neat logo designs: a) 3D maze: http://gomedia.us/zine/tutorials/illustrator/create-3d-vector-labyrinth-maze/ b) Flying Stars: http://www.bittbox.com/illustrator/illustrator-tutorial-how-to-make-3d-vector-vintage-stars c) Perspectival logos: http://www.vektorgarten.de/illu-tipps-3d.html In addition a shape library for simple 3D objects (cube, sphere, cylinder, tube...) would be amazing. I hope, I did not ignore a feature which is doing similar things. Thanks for your great work. Cheers, Laser.
  9. 3D tools would be great in Affinity D.

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