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    Retep got a reaction from LyricsGirl in Converting Pixel drawing to Vector?   
    Thanks for this
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    Retep reacted to pruus in Converting Pixel drawing to Vector?   
    @ jea525: You could try some onine vectorizer: https://convertio.co.
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    Retep reacted to jea525 in Converting Pixel drawing to Vector?   
    Could I please add that pixel to vector images would be amazing. I just bought affinity designer as an alternative to Adobe illustrator as their prices are ridiculous and didn't realise that affinity couldn't do this so am pretty disappointed right now. As a photographer and designer this would be my main use for this software. Please add ASAP :D
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    Retep reacted to MEB in Converting Pixel drawing to Vector?   
    Hi Retep,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    No, Affinity Photo/Designer doesn't have an auto-tracing feature/functionality not is able to convert a pixel selection into a vector shape at the moment.
    You will have to use a third party software for that like Image Vectorizer, Vector Magic, or Super Vectorizer 2. Inkscape (open-source) also includes tracing functionality.
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    Retep reacted to R C-R in Affinity windows files on a mac   
    The Windows Designer beta uses the new 1.5 file format, which is incompatible with the 1.4.x & earlier Mac retail versions. However, the Mac betas also use the 1.5 format so you can open the Windows files with them. Click on the top level Affinity | Forum link at the top of this page to see all the forums, including the 3 devoted to the betas. The first post in each of them has important info about the betas & links to download them.
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    Retep got a reaction from Leigh in Tragic an outline of an existing image   
    Thank you - that is what I have been doing. Thought I just wasn't finding the auto trace - looking forward to that new tool.  So far love this app.
    Thanks again
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    Retep reacted to acapstick in LEGACY: Official Affinity Designer Video Tutorials (70+)   
    A more recent set of tutorials for 1.7 (and above) is available via affinity.serif.com or from Designer's Welcome screen.
    The legacy tutorial set, also available on YouTube, includes:
    1. Getting Started
    •        Discover Affinity Designer
    •        For Beginners
    •        For Beginners Too
    •        Using the Help System
    •        CMYK Setup
    •        Designing from a Sketch
    •        New from Clipboard
    •        Actual Size Zoom
    •        Editing PDF Text
    •        Using the Grade UI Kit
    2. Artboards
    •        Artboards: Basics
    •        Artboards: Exporting and Printing
    •        Artboards: Colour and Opacity
    •        Artboards: From Content
    •        Artboards: Design Aids
    3. Drawing Lines and Shapes
    •        Pen Power
    •        Shapes
    •        Convert to Curves
    •        Corner Tool
    •        Drawing Perfect Triangles
    •        Stylish Strokes: Textured Lines
    •        Stylish Strokes: Dashed Lines
    4. Colour and Opacity
    •        Complex Gradients
    •        Adjusting Noise and Opacity in Fills
    •        Transparency Tool
    •        Changing Colours
    •        Blend Modes
    •        Colour Picker Tool
    •        Colour Palette from Document
    •        Colour Palette from Image
    •        Pantone Colours
    •        Global, Spot and Overprint Colours
    •        Quick Opacity Setting
    5. Layer control
    •        Layers Panel
    •        Lock Children
    6. Object control
    •        Selecting, Finding and Isolating Objects
    •        Rotation Point: Overview
    •        Rotation Point: Worked Example
    •        Vector Scaling Options
    7. Symbols and Assets
    •        Symbols (1.5)
    •        Assets (1.5)
    8. Painting
    •        Shading Using Raster Brushes
    •        Adding Raster Texture
    9. Text
    •        Artistic, Frame and Shape Text
    •        Text on a Path: Overview
    •        Text on a Path: Worked Example
    •        OpenType Typography
    10. Media
    •        Using Raster Images in a Composition
    •        Film Noir Style Illustration
    11. Saving, exporting and sharing
    •        Save History
    •        Soft Proofing
    •        Exporting
    •        Exporting: Layers
    •        Exporting: Slices
    •        Exporting: Continuous
    •        Exporting: Automatic Directory/Folder Creation
    •        Exporting: Multiple Outputs from a Single Slice
    •        Exporting: Transparent and Coloured Backgrounds
    •        Exporting User Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts
    12. Design Aids
    •        Constraints: Overview
    •        Constraints: Worked Example for Web Design
    •        Snapping and Dynamic Guides •        Snapping: Candidates
    •        Snapping: Object Creation
    •        Snapping: UI and Web Design
    •        View Modes and Split View
    •        New View
    •        View Points
    •        Grids: Icon Design
    •        Grids: Floor Plans
    •        Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 1 (Single Planes)
    •        Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 2 (Multiple Planes)
    •        Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 3 (Layers and Compounds)
    •        Grids: Coloured Lines
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    Retep got a reaction from predick in Tragic an outline of an existing image   
    What would be the fastest to trace and outing of an existing image such as the sketch I have included?
    Original AROMA Logo.afdesign