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  1. Hi There, I'm having the same problems. I tried the control down thing but didn't really help. Definitely doing it every time I try to copy and paste an object, change colour of an object, select anything about an object, select text, edit text. Will keep an eye on other things that trigger it. Making programme impossible to use. Really like it and don't want to move to Adobe illustrator but time is precious and it is taking me hours to do 10 minute jobs. Please help!
  2. Hi Please help! I have been using affinity designer for a couple months and in the last week it has started to freeze and then say 'not responding' every 10 minutes-ish. As you can imagine quite frustrating and taking me absolutely forever to do quick tasks. I have tried uninstall and reinstall programme but no change. I saw on another forum that a corrupted font could cause this but I can't find how to find a corrupt font on windows 7. I am not very tech savvy.
  3. Could I please add that pixel to vector images would be amazing. I just bought affinity designer as an alternative to Adobe illustrator as their prices are ridiculous and didn't realise that affinity couldn't do this so am pretty disappointed right now. As a photographer and designer this would be my main use for this software. Please add ASAP :D
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