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  1. Hello there, folks! My iMac has failed me and I can't buy another one. Is it possible to switch licenses? I onw a Mac version of both Affinities; can't they turn to Windows ones? Thank you! All the best.
  2. Sorry, Sean. I haven't been very active lately. By now, I'm not sure I can find the files. Will try something and share if something happens.
  3. Hey, guys! I have a feeling that this is going to be a long post. I've been using Affinity for over a year, I guess. Never had a single problem. Recently I got some print jobs: labels and posters. Both of them returned errors from the print shops. At first, people could not handle PDFs. They could see them but not print them. I'm not sure how they were used but in Brazil, pirate copies of Corel Draw are wildly popular. They probably tried to import the file and Corel Draw rejected it. No biggy. Quite common actually. Label guys reported errors regarding EPS. The Corel thing is certainly a factor, but I rarely had problems with Corel and EPS. Things got really strange when a client tried to print PNG from our fanpage. The print shop reported error while importing PNG! I've had handled Affinity generated PNG through Krita, GIMP, inkscape. Never a single problem. Then I asked a friend of mine, registered legal user of Adobe CC Suite and neither Illustrator nor Photoshop could handle my PNG! Then, GIMP reported and error with Color Profiles in two different PNGs. One color profile for each file. GIMP asked me about assigning new ones and opened up the files, which I exported (from GIMP) to make new working PNGs for the print shop, who's confirmed that they now work perfectly. Weird, isn't it? I've made working PDFs for printing for over a year and never had any kind of problem. I use Affinities for web to the point of getting excited about how easy it is but even my web PNGs are failing somehow. You see them here www.facebook.com/spavendanova (my client) but I have just discovered some issues. I appreciate your attention. Luiz.
  4. It's a Jim Lee! Very nice! I've tried and never could "ink" in digital. Gonna give it another try.
  5. I like the colors too but it seems to me that the piece goes through time. Not all icons look alike or feel like they are one single set.
  6. Damn! That's nice! I have one Porsche coming for one. Good inspiration. Good work.
  7. Hello! I've been updating some old drawings with AD. Some I save as .afdesign, others I keep as SVG. This one is some years old. I got rid of some masks, reorganized some layers, resized for my current desktop. Then I saw this "angel-like" shape I had not seen when I first made it. It may not be some of a merit for AD, but there's a chance it's something to do with the interface and how the original drawing looked on it. Anyway, it feels refreshed to me. Funny thing about me finding a new tool is how excited I am to review old stuff. There are a lot of things that are much easier to do in AD so that I'll probably try. This particular one was done in CorelDraw and updated in inkscape. The proper tool gives you control over the kind of result you want. I like this design, this very result I got (on all of the X-Women I've drawn) but something as artistically unattached as interface is critical to see some things and affects the final work. Thank you for your attention.
  8. I told Affinity Team I was very impressed. I had not used AD like this yet. Could not wait to finish the work to post it. Affinity Designer is extraordinary! I drew the lines with pencil and inking pens. From then on, everything is AD, except for bitmap tracing - unfortunately. I have a high resolution drawing, with lots of layers and objects to create effects, ready to print, in a 800KB file. It's easy, fluid work. Great, great, great. Can't wait to finish the entire poster. All the best. Thank you all for your time. Luiz.
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