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    GaryC got a reaction from davemac2015 in This is not working for me, Refund   
    I have used ps 6, aperature,Lightroomphasone one onone and pixelmator and have gotten great results with AP. When I first tried it I compared to some of the other. Software I used and felt it wasn't up there until I watched a couple of videos and really saw its capacity. I have shown photos to others who also feel this a pis a really good program. Everything takes time to get use to.
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    GaryC got a reaction from KateM in Chance to WIN an iPad Pro and Pencil!   
    I have been spreading the word to all my pro photog and friends just learning. Doesn't matter contest or not, this is a great tool
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    GaryC reacted to ONSO in Affinity Photo Customer Beta ( - RC2)   
    —WOW! I have to say Affinity is definitely Adobe's grim reaper.
    —We want to thank you guys for working so hard on AD & AP. 
    —Affinity, please continue on this path. You really have a good thing going.
    —So proud to be a part of this history in the making.
    Real talk—
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    GaryC got a reaction from 1105Maxinedex in How do I create this with AP   
    AP has got me to an even higher level than before no for a challenge, goal for me. How do I create something like this in AP. Im not as concerned with the puppet like arms as I am with the face makeup background and hair. Once someone shows me, the rest is on me!!!!!!

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    GaryC reacted to MrDoodlezz in Transform Tutorial   
    Hey Lamont,
    try these ways to transform if you haven't already, though there are a few more functions. Just stick around in the Distortion menu.
    But well … the basic transformations are actually pretty obvious, almost poking your eye in the Affinity products, I think. ;)
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    GaryC got a reaction from evtonic3 in recommended plugins?   
    Hey MEB I tried to use the auto fx software but it dosen't read it. Im wondering if I really need it or should I just watch more tutorials and get creative with AP.
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    GaryC got a reaction from JFisher in NOISE   
    It sure does thanks
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    GaryC got a reaction from A_B_C in Knights in battle(smaller size)   
    Sorry about the first  photo file was way too large. this iOS one done in AP

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    GaryC reacted to MEB in resize and name   
    Hi GaryC,
    I was referring to opening the original file. When you open it for the first time, if the dpi is set to 96, uncheck the Resample box and change the dpi to 300. This shouldn't change the pixel dimensions.
    Lanczos is the algorithm used to resample the image. Since you are not resampling the image here, it doesn't matter what's selected in the Resample dropdown.

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