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  1. Yes please :) I would also like to see a 'link layers' feature added.
  2. Okay, that's great. Thanks MEB.
  3. Since the release of Affinity Designer and now with the recent release of Affinity Photo Beta I've experienced an odd behaviour when panning the canvas around the screen. It appears the canvas boundaries expand slightly around the edges when panning around and sometimes when zooming the canvas in and out. Please see attached screen recording. Document Canvas Screen Recording.mov Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  4. Well, that is odd indeed. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Affinity Designer and Sketch? Not sure if that will help but could be worth a try.
  5. Interesting idea, I could see how it might be useful to edit in-place documents. Personally I prefer the way it's currently implemented - opening the document in a new window. I would, however, love the ability to view open windows as tiled windows in the Affinity suite without having to switch into Separated Mode. +1 for tiled windows. Thanks Dale.
  6. Hi Irenhrda, I don't seem to have any issues copying shapes from Designer into Sketch. I'm running the latest version of Sketch(ver 3.3), but I don't seem to remember having an issue with past versions either. What version of Sketch are you using?
  7. Yes, this is greatly needed. As it stands currently, some numerical fields allow you to increase/decrease the value using your mouse wheel, but in my opinion it's a half baked implementation as incrementing the value is a slow process, even with the shift key modifier. I would also add that those of us who use a Wacom stylus are out of luck as there is no mouse wheel on a pen. As @r10k mentioned, most 3d packages handle this nicely(i.e. Maya/Blender) as well as Sketch and Photoshop. Hopefully the Affinity team will re-consider the current implementation for a click-and-drag approach as you would be able to increment values more rapidly and with greater control. We Wacom users would also be very happy. :)
  8. @VectorCat For simple tasks like renaming or converting selected files you could setup an Automator workflow in OS X. It can be an effective way to help speed up simple but tedious tasks.
  9. Hi @Psiaku, I've experienced the same or similar issue and posted a thread about it a while ago here. When the screen tearing appears for me, if I press the middle mouse button and pan the canvas slightly it seems to correct itself. Does this work for you? I've noticed this same image tearing issue appears in OS X's Preview.app. Perhaps this is an OS X issue and not an issue with Affinity Designer/Photo. I'm hopeful the Affinity team at some point might be able to fix this in Designer/Photo.
  10. I noticed in both Designer and Photo when applying a mask to an object, group, or layer it changes the blend mode of the object. For example, I applied a simple gradient mask to an orange object and notice how it alters the colour of the object, see attached screen. Edit: I didn't realize I created a post about this bug previously here. Also, releasing a mask from an object canvas re-draw bug is still present that was discussed in my previous post. Thanks.
  11. Hi MEB, Glad to hear that it's already being worked on! I've been experiencing a similar canvas rendering issue as well in both AD and AP. It's similar to the problem Mikeintosh reported, but different enough that I thought I'd bring it up. See attached screen recording. Thanks Document edge rendering issue.mov
  12. I was wondering why when the document units are set in something other than pixels, such as inches, setting the View at 100% is different than View at Pixel Size? For example, when selecting the Page Preset > Letter, if you set the view at 100% it zooms the document in further than setting the view at Pixel Size. Shouldn't the View > 100% behaviour be consistent across all document unit types? Thanks
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