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  1. A_B_C, I just downloaded the Beta and tried to copy/paste a shape from it into Sketch. It worked! In fact, it worked only when that setting was left unchecked. MattP: I've tried to draw something basic in a new Designer document and copy/paste to a new Sketch document; when I paste into Sketch I see that Sketch has found some SVG and it parses it, but then nothing happens... nothing is pasted into the document. What is strange is that this was that Sketch had no problem parsing things copied from Designer until recently (the 2.1 update, perhaps). However—as I mentioned above—the Designer Beta seems to work just fine when I leave the "Copy items as SVG" option unchecked.
  2. I just updated to Sketch 3.3 and am still experiencing the problem. My version of Affinity Designer is 1.2. "Keep items on Clipboard" was unchecked but doesn't seem to affect anything when I enable it... probably because I'm not quitting Designer before moving to Sketch. Basically what happens is when I select a set of curves in Designer, and move to Sketch to paste them, instead Sketch simply selects the top-most layer on page, and no curves get pasted in. I'll post about this in Sketch's support and see if perhaps it's an issue with Sketch, but seeing how it only happens when pasting from Designer, I figured someone else might be experiencing it. Pasting from Illustrator still works just fine. Here's a quick screencast I made to show you what's happening:
  3. I work with a couple of Sketch files from before I discovered Affinity Designer, and that I need to maintain. I use Designer to design/manage icons that I use in these Sketch mockups, and until recently I've had zero trouble copying & pasting shapes from Designer to Sketch. Unfortunately, after the Designer 1.2 update, I seem to no longer be able to copy and paste from Designer to Sketch... when I go to paste a shape into Sketch, nothing is pasted. I acknowledge this might be a Sketch issue... but I suspect that maybe something changed in Designer in 1.2 that is giving Sketch trouble when pasting shapes in. My question is: has anyone else had trouble with this? Is this a bug? FWIW, I am still able to copy & paste shapes from Illustrator into Sketch without a problem.
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