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  1. Applying a live Denoise Filter to jpg images is causing a hard crash exit. Affinity Photo 1.5.2 (app store) MacOS 10.12.5 2013 Mac Pro Started out only happening 1/10, but is now becoming more frequent. will look at deleting out pref. files and application caches and test. thank you, Mars
  2. marsofearth

    Pixel Snapping

    I also would like to throw a vote in for "force Pixel snapping" I recognize all the hats that need to be worn, I am a designer and heavy equipment operator, but the pixel snapping truly appears arbitrary, unless you constantly keep your eyes on the transform panel and constantly make adjustments there. I just want a giant check box button that truly "forces" pixel snapping, pixel transformation. Sure would make web work a lot easier when slicing assets.
  3. I have also had issues with EPS exports. Vector graphics being cropped inside the artboard when opening in Adobe Illustrator. I may try a 'settings' reset and test it some more tomorrow.
  4. marsofearth

    Missing Font List?

    Absolutely! ++ Would be fantastic to have a panel showing all the fonts used in file, the ability to select a font and make a substitution or replacement with the option to embed or at least find in finder so a person can package the font for print setters.
  5. Why not simply merge Designer and Photo Or perhaps have Designer having Photo integrated while Photo is stand-alone. Designer is fairly close already. I see it is the future of Designer software.
  6. Thanks Chris, I use the focus merge a lot for our really large 3ft - 6ft product shots. I do notice that noise gets introduced on Focus merge, which is why I always apply the denoise filter afterwards. Work-a-Round: Save, save, save, pray.
  7. Another hard crash after reseting preferences, and fresh install. I have been using the Live Denoise Filter all morning on single JPG images with no issues. Crash occurred after committing a Live Denoise to a Focus Merge Image. 1. Open Affinity Photo 2. New Focus Merge... 3. Add images for merge. 4. Save result. 5. Use Live Denoise Filter on image. 6. x Closing filter window causes hard crash.
  8. Steps to "crash" Start Affinity Photo. Open JPG photo. Add Live Denoise Filter. Adjust Luminosity, Detail. x Close window -- ** POOF ** Hard Crash I did a full clean out of preference files and re-downloaded from App Store. Will try again today, see how things go. cheers, Mars
  9. I'll Back this feature request, Actually was trying to figure out how to do this last night while building a logo.
  10. marsofearth

    Resizing of Brush preview icons

    Absolutely agree! If you have a large brush collection with brushes that only have subtle differences, it is impossible to tell them apart in the brush panel. Nice Large Brush Icons Previews Please.
  11. Hello, I seem to be missing how to copy and paste fill and stroke for text exclusively. When I copy and paste style, to text, my text sizing and spacing changes also. I only want to copy the fill colour, and the stroke (colour, weight, mitre, draw behind fill) and paste that onto my art text. I do not want to also copy font, text size, character spacing, and other position and transformations. Is there a quick setting I am missing. thank you very much for you guidance. Mars
  12. Thank you, I will put in for the request. Dutchshader, thanks for the work around tip! Cheers, Mars
  13. marsofearth

    Font Replacement

    Wow, lots of questions, I'll try and answer them all for you. Q1. Why is this a problem. A1. We have many files with multiple occurrences of a font we wish to replace. Q2. Are you opening all 500+ Files in one go, or just when needed? A2. We are not opening all 500+ files at the same time, we do need to change out all the fonts in these files though, one at a time before the end of the week for the printers. Q3. How often do you open files from a couple years back? A3. We are not opening files from years back, we are opening current product packaging files that are being prepped for print. I hope that answered all your questions. Anyone know of a solution, or tip, or a trick in a font manager, or even a terminal command trick? Thanks!
  14. Hello, Does anyone know of a nice way to make a global font replacement in all affinity documents? I have redesigned a font, and would like all uses of the old font to be replaced by the new font. example - Font A is in all affinity design and photo package designs, and would like Font B to replace it. Just looking for a solution that does not involve opening 500+ documents and *select* replacing every text appearance in each file. Thank you for any advice you may give. Mars
  15. Q. Is there a way to increase the Icon Preview Thumbnail for each individual brush in the Brushes Palette? Reason: I have many brushes with subtle differences. I am a visual person and would like the ability to quickly pick the correct brush. Having the option to have a LARGE thumbnail vs. a tiny thumbnail and the 'stroke' preview. For example, many of my light flare brushes look exactly the same in the palette tiny thumbs and the 'stroke' preview is unnecessary for their application. thanks, Mars
  16. marsofearth

    Since 1.5.1 Performance is slow a. f.

    I am also having performance issues with AD 1.5.4 Mac Pro 2013 - 10.12.1 Slow with trying to select multiple objects: Selection box lags for 1-2s before appearing. Slow with trying to move any object. Lags behind approx 1-2s before jumping to current pointer position. Not the buttery smooth motion I am used to. Zooming is also lagging, 1-2s How I fix the speed issue until it appears again: I open up AD with [ctr] key held down, and proceed to clear all settings. This seems to work for a while until issue starts up again. I am wondering if it has anything to do with snapping, as it is one of the only changes I will make to settings as I need snapping to work. I have had this issue since 1.5.1 and have been hopeful of a fix. thank you.
  17. marsofearth

    .pat files

    I also would love to be able to open up the hundreds of .pat pattern files I have created in Photoshop and use them in Aff-Photo or Aff-Designer.
  18. marsofearth

    Huge Performance Issues

    Same problem here. Moving any object is sluggish. Not the nice smooth 60fps I am used to. Zooming is sluggish and J-j-Jitt-er-y also. How I fix it: Hold CONTROL key while opening Designer. Delete all preferences. Silky smooth again... until it is not. (have not figured out what triggers the sudden performance drop)
  19. I have been having a similar issue, though the screen I am using does not seem to matter. I have to hold the CTR key while opening Affinity Designer to clear out all preferences and then everything is smooth again for a little while until the lagginess/Slow moving of objects occurs and I need to save out, and quit and repeat. Checked all my Fonts and they seem fine. Never had this problem until I updated to the version that made the fonts list jump around. On the latest version 1.5.3 and the font list issue is resolved but object moving lag is occurring still.
  20. Hmm If I understand you correctly; you have a shape with solid fill and you have a text layer above this shape? If you wish to CUT the Text layer OUT of the SOLID fill layer, 1. select BOTH the Text Layer and Shape Layer. 2. Either Go to the Main Tool Bar and find "OPERATIONS" and select SUBTRACT OR Go to the Layers Menu find Geometry/Subtract Should do the trick if I understand you correctly.
  21. marsofearth

    [ADe] Dimension tool

    +1 for dimensioning tools along with "movable Ruler Origin"
  22. Adobe does not give anyone a single all purpose app, It provides a suite of loosely compatible apps where import of AI or PS or ID files between the three only somewhat works... I prefer the idea of tightly integrating the file format between A-designer, A-photo, A-publisher so that at some point, hopefully, moving between apps at least appears seamless, appears as if you are still working on the same "Workbench" but simply using the tools that are needed. Adobe is the furthest from providing an all purpose app at any level. The Affinity Suite is closer to being a convergent than Adobe is at this point.
  23. marsofearth

    Save to PDF: artboard order seems reversed

    Ah Interesting, had me going there also. My brain is wired for Western Culture reading convention, Left to Right, Top to Bottom. This set up is backwards, which is fine if you know this. Cheers! Mars
  24. I like how it works in Photoshop. Tear off a tab to view one window in a separate screen while all the other tabs are clustered together not cluttering your desktop.