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  1. I know this is a n old thread, but is there any news regarding an automatic hot pixel filter? Failling that, can anybody recommend a processing app that filters without having to go back to Lightroom? Ugh.
  2. Thanks guys. :) I confess I forgot to edit the fx on the lume pip. It wouldn't be shadowed like that. lol
  3. Hey guys. I'm loving Affinity Designer and Photo and switched over as my Adobe subscription ran out around Affinity's release day. I am participating in the betas and am really impressed with the team's work and engagement with users. I am currently working on a watch project in WatchUSeek's F71 (Affordables) forum and this is the result. An homage to the vintage and modern Seamasters and James Bond, we are partnering with Lew and Huey watch co to have this made into a real watch! This has been my first full project rendered completely in Affinity apps and am now not pining for AI, or PS in any way. lol :D
  4. boolean problem arrow.afdesign Sometimes. lol I was mucking around with a triangle, today. Expanding its stroke resulted in a flat bottom with a dome as the inside top point was converted to a curved shape. Just replicated this with an arrow shape. File attached.
  5. I have this and I want to merge the objects: ADDING the objects results in this: Now obviously that's not what's expected. Any ideas why!? It's done this on several occasions and is beginning to get extremely frustrating.
  6. Okay, I have figured out that it's to do with the parent layer's rotation. *FACEPALM*
  7. Can someone explain to me why, when I select a group of perfectly aligned objects, the selection box decides to be rotated at 2.4º, even though all the selected objects inside are at 0º!? Help, this is driving me insane! I have tried resetting the selection box. This works, but I have to do it every time, the setting does not stick. I have tried to reset defaults, but that did nothing for this problem.
  8. The thing is, when I'm designing, I don't want to have to be setting this attribute on every object I draw, I mean that's just nuts! I want to get on with the job of designing and drawing and export to hard edged pixels when I need to. The level of detail anti-aliasing control is wonderful for people who are designing pixel-based designs from the get go. My purpose is to create clean edged designs with strict colour counts for screen-printing with the caveat, that the designs may be printed with anti-aliasing as well depending on the product and method of printing required. Thanks for reading and taking on board all my comments and niggles. It may not sound like it, but I love Affinity and am looking forward to updates and upgrades! :)
  9. As you can see, it's not working on this stroked object - the only way for it to work is to select Draw behind Fill on the stroke panel and that's not always appropriate for the object and design.
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