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  1. just sent the ID packaged file... it would be the image you refered to as it is a large file... hopefully it helps you folks out. cheers from a sunny Oz
  2. was in the process of uploading the ID package for the file and as it was taking FOREVER 🙂 I decided to try opening the IDML from the package… previously when it kept crashing Publisher I only had access @ home to the IDML… and low and behold it worked absolutely fine, so it appears that if the IDML has external resources and they are not available it will crash, and not when they are available. cheers and thanks for the speedy looking into this.
  3. been having the same issue in both v1.8 and v1.8.1… cannot open an IDML either by double clicking at desktop or by File>Open (MacBook Air 2012, MacOS 10.15.4 Beta (19E242d) (latest public beta)… Publisher just silently drops out.
  4. the ability to move the origin for the rulers is an absolute MUST HAVE! a pain with out it and it is needed in Publisher as well, as it is not available in there either!
  5. JEEZ Alex… that was a QUICK reply… thanks heaps for that… downloading the betas now! this sort of response is precisely why I SOOOOOOOO want to drop Adobe apps… you guys rock!!! cheers T
  6. HI folks have been loving Affinity Photo and Designer… but now have an issue that is making it literally impossible to use either app. MacBook Air 2012 13" max'd out running latest El Capitan public beta latest Affinity apps… and just deleted them and re-downloaded… using in full-screen mode The issue… Designer when I open Designer it loads fully to the splash screen… I click the "close" button on the bottom right of this… system alert sound every time it is clicked… eventually an empty white dialog box appears on the top of the splash screen and wherever I click I get the system alert sound… all menus can be pulled down but every thing is dimmed/un-selectable… even Quit… only way out is to force quit the app… this happens EVERY time. Photo this one does very similar things except at the start one can close the splash screen and open an image and choose various things… but eventually the empty white dialog box appears and the rest is the same. Occasionally when I go to the desktop, before the white box appears in the Affinity app, it is on the desktop but when I return to the stalled Affinity app the white box is then there. so… at the moment I am screwed… which is a pity as I REALLY like the apps!! cheers from Down Under Trevor
  7. [EDIT: ignore this post… have since bought AD and AP and found through searching the forum more that you can import the PANTONE swatches… absolutely fantastic software… thanks cheers T] Hi MEB… I am a hopeful AD/AP/APub user :-) in a thread elsewhere in the forum, one of the Affinity team said that they would be adding in PANTONE support "very soon" and that it was intimated that it was pretty much ready to go, but that was back in Oct 2014 which is getting close to 12 months ago and it seems there is still no PANTONE support… being in print design this is a killer for me, as is the inclusion of printer/crop marks which is a real pity as I REALLY REALLY want to start using AD right now… so, how much longer before PANTONE is in? cheers from OZ
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