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    Hi my name is Gregor, I played with the new focus merge function in the Beta version of Affinity Photo. I'am very happy with the new function. Thank you
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    Panorama processing

    Thank you Meb, but stitching is not the problem, it's the postprocessing afterwards. When you change color,contrast etc. in your panorama photo, the left and the right side of the picture become slightly different and you can see the transition. Photomatix e.g. got such a function to align the transition. The offset filter is used to move the panorama in the "Frame", the part you move oft of the left side is inserted to the right side. Greetings Gregor
  4. I'm doing a lot of 360 degree panoramas. For me the offset filter in Photoshop is very important to shift the equirectangular panorama "around". Also an absolut feature would be a function to match the color and contrast of the left and right side of the picture to get a seamless transition. Gregor