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  1. 1 hour ago, mrqasq said:

    Im curious to see if this could be handled with shortcuts. I know they are powerfull, but I'm not sure this could be done. Did any1 try it maybe?

    Yes, I did this previously although an iOS update broke the shortcut. Would have to review it to see what needs change to get it working again. It only allowed you to share a photo from the photo library to Affinity Photo, it wouldn't let you save back over the top of the original image.


  2. 1 hour ago, urm3l said:

    Does it allow you to save the photo back over the old one like when you edit with affinity on desktop? (At least like it was since right now its also bugged on desktop)

    No, because Affinity imports the image. You need to export the result back to Photos as a new image. You can of course then delete the original image. 

  3. Apologies, you need to have it set up in the shortcuts app first. You can then use this method to add support for any editing app - see screens attached. It’s important to select the Accepts image option in the shortcut setup so the shortcut only shows up when viewing images. Literally takes less than a min to set up the shortcut but I’ve added a link to the shortcut here:






  4. If you are using iPadOS then you have this simple solution:


    Find your image(s) in Apple Photos. 
    Tap share sheet. Scroll to the bottom of the list of available actions and you will find ‘Open in Affinity Photo’. This will launch AP and import your selected image, ready for editing. 
    @Teddylours This should provide exactly what you are looking for - use Photos to browse your images and Affinity to edit. 

  5. I’ll write up a quick tutorial later but I’ve shared the shortcut here for you. Just tap this and it’ll open up in shortcuts for you. You can edit it yourself to see what it does but it is quite basic. Now though when viewing an image in Photos, you can just tap the share icon (open in) and select shortcuts which will open up a small pane where you can select the shortcut which will open the image in Affinity Photo. 



  6. Just now, Yaco said:

    Hello, unsure if this is the right place to post this, another thread seemed to say that it is.

    Are there plans to integrate with the share menu in iOS? This way, one could share an image from most apps, like Procreate or other creative apps, so as to share directly to affinity and start editing right away. This would make the workflow faster / more comfortable. Would be nice.

    You can do that today with Apple's free Shortcuts app. Download that if you haven't already, select the Open In shortcut, uncheck the option to prompt for an app and you can then select which app you wish to open in. You can select Affinity Photo and also set the properties of the shortcut to be available from the share sheet and only for image files.

    Now, say you are in Photos looking at an image and you wish to edit in AP, you just hit the Share sheet, tap the shortcuts icon and select your shortcut. It is simple to set up and use and is only a single tap longer than native share sheet support.

    I can provide a better tutorial if you are new to shortcuts.

  7. On 1/8/2019 at 10:32 AM, GabrielM said:

    Hi @Leonardo Fiori,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. 

    Our developers are aware of this issue. Can you please try to create a blank document, save it, close the app and then re-open it. This should clear any cache. 





    I tried this this today after removing around half of my images in AP and noticing it still showed the app using nearly 6gb - same as before removing the images. 

    Anything else we can try?

  8. It may be worth disabling the apply tone curve option as well under settings which may then give you similar results to Snapseed before you start editing.

    What iPad and iOS version do you have because I believe there is an issue with Snapseed opening RAW files currently in iOS so you may not actually be working on the RAW file in Snapseed which could also explain the difference - do you get the RAW module in Snapseed or just the regular editing tools?

    I like Snapseed as an editor and you can get some great results quickly but if you want to spend more time on your edits, it's hard to beat Affinity Photo - there is just more of a learning curve to get the best out of it imho.


    On the above examples, it appears to me that you need to 'develop' your images carefully first in AP before further editing whereas in Snapseed you are probably working on a JPG or other internally processed version without the need to develop first which may explain all this as you are not getting the full flexibility of the RAW file.

  9. Something that may be related to this. I was transferring some AP files from my old iPad Pro to a new one. I used the Files app to airdrop around 5 AP files to the new iPad and as soon as the transfer was complete, AP opens automatically but then crashes. I open it back up and the files are not in there but checking my disk space, around an additional 5GB is now being used by AP - the files were clearly there but I couldn't access them in the app even though I could see them in the Files app on the new iPad. I thought I would delete AP and reinstall it but I didn't realise that process would also delete the AP folder in Files so I lost the lot. The losing of the files I put down to Apple's Files app implementation.

    Transferring the files one by one via Airdrop does work though so I'm assuming the initial crash was the app trying to open multiple files.

  10. I have an issue with the current iPad version of Photo. This is on 2018 Pad Pro 11.

    If you import a photo shot in portrait orientation and do some work then use the undo history brush, it brushes back in from a copy of the same image that is on it's side making a mess of the image. This was with a Fuji RAW file but I tried it with a portrait orientation photo taken on the iPad and the same issue occurs. Images shot in landscape orientation work fine, only portrait orientation is affected. The image initially imports in the correct portrait orientation.

    This may be related to another bug - if you import some portrait orientation images into a new stack, once in Photo the images are on their side in landscape instead of correctly in portrait orientation. Again, this affects all portrait images including those shot with the iPad. Landscape orientation photos import correctly.

    It's as if the orientation flag is being ignored during these operations and it doesn't matter the orientation of the iPad while editing.

    I checked the likes of HDR and Focus merges and they are unaffected.



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