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  1. Hello, After upgrading to Affinity Designer 2 I would like to select the app as my default SVG editing software in firefox. In Firefox I have to select where the app is stored and so far it had been easy to select Affinity Designer 1. I read that there are some complications with the new version of Designer. But maybe someone has an easy fix for me? Thanks, Felix
  2. Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my work with you! My work is often about climate & society. Please check out my Instagram Page Thanks, Felix
  3. When I press "ctrl + shift + ]" in Affinity Publisher on a German WIndows PC, this does NOT move the current object to the front. What am I doing wrong? How can I move objects to the front with a short cut? When I press "ctrl + ]" the project does some kind of zoom instead of moving the object one layer further to the front. Please help!
  4. Hello everyone, I did finally find what I was looking for. Firstly, this post in a photoshop-related forum was very helpful: https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/96318/how-to-add-a-specified-gap-in-a-object-stroke-without-separating-the-two It helped me figure out how I can create the gappy effect, which is in fact by using the "dashed line" option in the stroke panel. (Screenshot) Best wishes, Foolix
  5. To the secon issue: I was now able to recreate it: I opened a file in AP, pressed export and chose
  6. Hello, I have recently encountered three issues: Firstly, In Affinity Photo the "add" keyboard shortcut of the magic wand tool is not working as expected. I have raised this issue in this thread: Secondly: (This issue does not always occur but sometimes it I believe it has :/ I cannot currently recreate it. ) In Affinity Publisher: When I export a PDF, choose a print preset (Like "PDF - Für Druck" (German)) I am sometimes for no clear reason unable to select "include bleed area" (or whatever the english translation for "Inklusive Anschnittbereich" is) in the extended export options menu. Then I can only enable the bleed marks through the (parent) basic export dialogue. Thirdly: This is not necessarily a bug but I find it unfortunate: When I open a PDF document's page in Affinity Photo, the bleed area is not included.
  7. Hi Alfred, any one of the illustrations really - as they all have in common the dotty black pen lines.
  8. Hi, I am looking for an ink-like Affinity Designer brush that occasionally has some gaps in it. I would add an image but I don't own the copyright so please have a look at this link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/116935711/The-WIRED-World-2021?tracking_source=best_of_behance Where can I get brushes like this one? Thanks, Foolix
  9. "Shift-click adds to my selection " that's desirable. It doesn't happen on my system
  10. Thanks NotMyFault. I am however interested to see if there is an equivalent to Photoshop's alt+click action...
  11. Hi, I would like to check the DPI size on an image i placed in Affinity Publisher. In the dialogue box in Document > Manage Resources I can only find the original DPI. But like I used to have it in InDesign I would like the program to tell me: "The image is resized to a quality of 250 DPI". Where can I get this service? Thanks.
  12. Hello, I want to "add to selection" with the magic wand tool. But when I follow the tool instructions on the bottom of the screen and "right-click to add", nothing happens. My selection just stays as it is. What am I missing? Thankyouu
  13. But when I modify the line height it won't be saved as a formatting style, right? I wish to have the line height saved in some sort of style so that I can apply the same line height to a multitude of paragraphs. Isn't that possible?
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