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  1. Lol, it's hilarious how Affinity doesn't care about this at all. Such a simple detail that makes all the difference and the only reason I use their software.
  2. Hello. I just want to say that this beautiful software is almost unusable for me as it lacks the feature of being able to successfully edit: cut, copy or delete a shape's segment or a single node and being able to paste it into another. At least 3 other threads in which the problem is stated: The solutions provided are just a real hassle and no help at all while trying to keep an efficient workflow. I believe this should really be of high concern to you. I don't know if you have designers among your staff but it would probably be wise to ask some of them how they work with shapes, specially coming from other programs many in which these features are easily available. Thanks in advance.
  3. As an Affinity Forum Moderator / Staff Member, shouldn't you be filing these kind of things? I really like Affinity but you have to admit this kind of issues are a real downer. Copying and pasting nodes and segments is a must. Sorry but this has to get attended asap.
  4. Still 3 steps vs 1... selecting edges and cuting / copying & pasting is a must.
  5. Wow... this is impressive... 1. Convert to curves 2. Select Node 1 3. Break curve 4. Select Node 2 5. Break curve Reall Affinity? I thought you wanted to compete with Adobe, just make edges selectable. Illustrator sux but it allows edge and node select / delete... just make that possible.
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