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  1. Hi @StainX Sorry to hear you are experiencing crashing. Would you be able to upload your document here please?
  2. Hi @malayali Thanks for uploading your file. I have been able to reproduce this issue. You seem to have a few additional nodes in these places. You can click on them and delete them. Did you create your curves using a specific brush? I'd like to try a few more shapes.
  3. Thanks for the update. Send it over when you have time.
  4. Hi @Jaroslav Could you upload the document here please? I'd like to try it using the same measurements as you.
  5. Hi @birdybear Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. Could you upload you document here please? Does this happen randomly or do you think you'd be able to record and upload a video of it too?
  6. Hi @Purdygirl Welcome to the forums. If you could save off the info, you can either upload it here or I can make you a dropbox folder link.
  7. Hi @Nutz Vathanyu Did you manage to find a crash repot int he location mention by @Komatös above?
  8. Hi @Mark Oehlschlager I have recreated this. I really like some of the effects you can get from increasing the percentage. I don't think it's a bug, as it's not broken but more of a suggestion or improvement. You could always mention it here and see what happens: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/53-feedback-for-affinity-designer-on-desktop/
  9. Hi @Mo Sweilim Thanks for uploading your document and video. I haven't been able to reproduce this so far. When you say you tried using a new document, do you mean that using divide will also crash if you start again from a fresh document?
  10. Hi @Jonathan Lemke Welcome to the Affinity forums! Did you get the chance to check the list of 3rd party software that @Komatös linked above?
  11. Hi @evtonic3 Thanks for the file, I managed to repeat the crash instantly on my iMac and now have the crash log. I'm going to poke it a little more to see if I can find out the cause.
  12. Thanks @mactelge Can you tell me what version of Designer you are on and what Mac you are using please?
  13. Thanks for the update @Bamboli Let us know if it occurs again. I will move some of the other comments to new posts to get more details without confusing people.
  14. Hi @Tauridean Could you upload your example file please? I'd like to take a look using your example brush.
  15. Hi @mactelge Did you get a crash log when this happened? Would you be able to upload it here if you did please?
  16. Hi @Mark Oehlschlager I've just had a try using the Smudge Brush Tool and I am not seeing the blocky results, I set my tool to have the same width / Flow / Strength as your screenshot and it definitely smudged. Would you be able to provide a video of this happening please? Can you also upload your document so we can take a look?
  17. Hi @foxxweb Welcome to the Affnity forums! Could you take a look at this list and see if you have any of these third party apps installed?
  18. How are you opening the files? Do you double click the file thumbnail or from within Photo choose File > Open that way? Do you have another user profile on your Mac that you could try this on? I'd like to see if it's something to do with the permission on the profile rather than the files themselves.
  19. @RedShade Studios Did you check the list that @walt.farrell linked above. It looks like your issue is similar to the one experienced by people that have Nahimic software installed.
  20. Did you purchase Photo from the Mac App Store or from the Affinity Store? I have found an issue that has been reported and just want to make sure it's the same thing you are experiencing.
  21. If you place other images into the document from another location such as the desktop, do you still get the same error message?
  22. Hi @Jim Slade Can you tell me where you are saving your files please? I'd like to try and recreate this as close as possible.
  23. HI @Luis Canau The issue has been logged as explained by @Subclavius and it's still open. I will add the details from this post and pass it on to the development team to give it a little bump.
  24. Thanks @walt.farrell I wasn't quite sure, was going to build up to that as my second question. 👍
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