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  1. Hi @quaSimba Sorry for the delay in replying to you. I haven't been able to reproduce this. I'm not sure if it's because I am using a newer version of Publisher than you or if it's because I am doing something differently. Would you be able to try this again using the latest release version please?
  2. Hi @caitken Welcome to the Affinity forums! Sorry to hear you experienced crashing. Have you recently installed any fonts prior to when the crashing started happening? I am asking as it could be caused by a corrupt font.
  3. Hi @JMT Thanks for offering to upload your document. I don't have anything with this many pages so it would be good to try and reproduce using your document. I've created you a dropbox folder here. Let me know if you have any issues using it.
  4. Thanks for the screen recording @Llyud I will let you know if I manage to recreate it. πŸ‘
  5. Hi @DariuszB I have now looked at your file. I have managed to recreate the issue. It seems to be the artboard that is causing it as if you simply go to New > Create artboard > Create - this happens. This is a known issue and is with development to be fixed. I will pass this info on to the development team.
  6. Thanks for the update. let us know if you have any more issues.
  7. Sorry, I should have said that you can re-link on open. You don't need to manually do it in Resource Manager. I will edit my comment for future reference. If you close the document and re-open it - look out for the message asking you to relink and click yes! Much faster! πŸ‘
  8. Hi @samsiu Thanks for sending over your document. We were able to reproduce the crash so the issue you are experiencing may be from a linked image that we currently don't have. Could you try doing the following to see if you can make it work on your computer? Find the folder the linked images are kept in. Rename the pictures folder - this should break all the links. Reopen the document - you will be asked if you want to locate your missing resources. Select Yes and navigate to the renamed folder - it will automatically update the remaining missing images. If this doesn't work could you "Save as Package" and upload it here please?
  9. Hi @DariuszB could you upload on of your documents here so I can try and reproduce this please?
  10. HI @samsiu Welcome to the Affinity forums! I'm sorry to hear you have been experiencing crashing. Can you upload the document here please?
  11. Hi @Sn011 Welcome to the Affinity forums! Could you upload a video showing this happening and also upload the exported SVG too please? Then I can have a look at reproducing the issue for you.
  12. @Jim O'Connor I have been able to reproduce this issue and have logged it and passed it on to the development team. @carl123 When I downloaded it oddly auto-opened in Photoshop 2020 and did not crash. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  13. Hi @Publos Is this issue document specific or does it happen on any document? If it is document specific would you be able to upload the document here please so I can take a look?
  14. Hi @Llyud Would you be able to upload a screen recording of this happening please? That way I can copy the steps in an attempt to reproduce the issue.
  15. Hi @erdi12 Thanks for sharing this issue with us. While the export adjustment works on Windows it isn't working on macOS so I will get that logged. πŸ‘
  16. Hi @Euan Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Would you be able to upload a screen recording of the steps that you take to get this issue to happen please? I'd like to try and reproduce the issue myself. πŸ‘
  17. Hi @LuxThePegasus Sorry to hear you are experiencing crashing and apologies for the delay in replying. So that we are able to investigate bugs thoroughly could you please follow this advice. Are you using the latest release version? (here's how to check) Can you reproduce it? (if you cannot then we may struggle to also, making it even harder to fix) Does it happen for a new document? If not do you have a document you can share that shows the problem? If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include most of the following: What is your operating system and version (Windows 10, OSX Mojave, iOS 12 etc)? What happened for you (and what you expected to happen) Provide a recipe for creating the problem (step-by-step what you did). Screenshots (very handy) or a screen capture/video. Any unusual hardware (like tablets or external monitors or drives that may affect things) or relevant other applications like font managers or display managers. Did this same thing used to work and if so have you changed anything recently? (software or hardware) Are you using any kind of filters or adjustments? Are you painting, developing, masking etc?
  18. Hi @Dazmondo77 I wasn't able to reproduce this so I am wondering if you need to do specific steps to get this to happen. Would you be able to upload your document here so I can take a look please?
  19. Hi @rufus Would you be able to get a screen recording of this when you find it happening again please? You can upload it here or ask for a dropbox link if you'd rather not post it publicly. That way we will have more of an idea of the steps we need to take to reproduce the issue. Thanks
  20. @thomaso The issue of the Open / Save dialog box being covered has also been logged but I have added this post to the bug to give it a bump.
  21. Hi @Jens Krebs Thanks for sharing this, this issue has already been logged so I will add this post to the bug report.
  22. Hi @pgt23 Would you be able to upload a screen recording of this issue please so that I can try to recreate it?
  23. Thanks for the crash log @whitewolf7070 can you copy + paste the text from it and save it as a PDF or Word doc and upload it here please? I can get someone to take a look and see if there is anything obvious in there.
  24. Thanks for the files @JLAustin I have now managed to recreate the issue on my Intel iMac and my M1 laptop. I was originally creating my document with a default Master and that wasn't crashing but on your document you didn't have a Master and when I recreated this mine also crashed. I will get the issue logged and pass it on to the development team.
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