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  1. Hi @SPaceBar, as requested, I have uploaded both the exported asset file as well as the Designer file used to create it. I was able to replicate the issue. In short, trying to use (e.g. drag in) an asset that contains an artboard instantly crashes Publisher. In the case of the files uploaded, I put a piece of text grouped under an artboard, exported that artboard as an asset, and tried to use the asset in Publisher. Instant crash. It's my understanding that Publisher does not support artboards. I suspect this issue is tied to that.
  2. I created some assets in Affinity Designer. I exported these from Designer, saved to disk, and imported the assets file into Publisher. When I try to use/drag an asset in Publisher, Publisher immediately force crashes. I am using both Affinity Designer and Publisher 1.9 on Apple Silicon (M1). If I switch to the Designer persona, it still crashes when trying to use/drag an asset. However, if I open the file in Designer, Designer does not crash. If I then try to open the same file in Publisher, Publisher immediately crashes and does not open (!!!). Update/fix: I think I figured it
  3. Thank you @jmwellborn. While that technically works, it feels like a lot of steps. I suppose for this particular task that it is simply easier to stroke a curve in between the two lines with the Pen Tool.
  4. Hi all! I am considering making the switch from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer. I am wondering how I can replicate a similar result with Illustrator's shapes tool in Designer. In Illustrator, I had the following workflow: Add two lines. Add a circle. Select all shapes. Activate the shapes tool (shortcut shift-M on a Mac). Hold alt, hover and select the exterior of the circle to "cut" away that portion, thus leaving two lines with an angle (arc) in between. I would like to know how I can "cut" away a circle in Designer, leaving just the a
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