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  1. Hi @Rudolphus Would you be able to zip up the document and assets and upload it here so I can take a look please?
  2. That's great news, thanks for taking another look. 👍
  3. HI @Almenaar Welcome tot he Affinity forums! Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. Do you still have the document open by any chance? It might be worth copying the elements from the original document into a new one if you do. You can see if it will save after each step. If you do it roughly in the order that you originally added things this might shed some light onto what the issue is. It could be that one of the adapted images is somehow stopping it from saving.
  4. Thanks for the extra info @thomaso he has tried that and was not able to replicate it.
  5. My colleague has just tried this and was unable to reproduce it. Is there anything else other than using an external monitor that is relevant?
  6. Hi @iPantoufle Welcome to the Affinity forums! I've just changed the language within the app to French and the fonts are still shown with their original names. This must be down to the macOS also being in French. Could you make a video of what you see and upload it here please so I can take a look?
  7. @samsiu If you can zip up the file and assets as I requested above - and upload them here I can check your theory. I have access to 2 iMacs, each with a different macOS installed. Or I can try between an iMac and an M1 laptop - both with Big Sur. I would need all the assets to check this and you did not upload them when I last requested.
  8. Hi @HarryMcGovern Sorry for the delay in replaying to your post. Are you still experiencing this issue? Are you able to Ctrl Click on the folder contents and select Open With and select the release version of the app?
  9. Hi @MickRose Could you check to see if this is still an issue for you in the latest version of the app please?
  10. Hi @Colorado Would you be able to upload the text file and the zipped up .afpub document here please?
  11. Thanks for the crash log @samsiu one of the team have just tried sharing a document using their Synology NAS and they were unable to recreate the crash. Their setup is a little different though as they are not syncing their files between two different Diskstations. Is it just the catalogue that you are having issues with or do you get crashed from any other documents that are synced?
  12. Thanks for the video @thomaso Thanks @sbe That would be a appreciated. I don't have an external monitor myself but can ask a colleague to try it following the videos. 👍
  13. Hi @MrJimbo Can you tell me what macOS you are using please and if you are using any specific setup to trigger this please?
  14. Hi @Joachim_L Sorry for the long delay in replying to this post. Is this still an issue for you in the latest version?
  15. Thanks for all of the information @samsiu Could you upload a crash log so we can see what is causing the issue? Could you also zip up the catalogue including all the assets and upload it here please? We'd like to have a look. In the meantime if it's too disruptive it might be worth either embedding all the files if possible before sending or working via the external SSD drive like before while we look into the issue.
  16. Is the Main folder located on your office iMac hard drive - the one with Catalina? When you say you take the files home to use on your home iMac with Big Sur - how are you transferring the files? Do you by any chance have Cloud storage or Dropbox and could test this to see if this method works better? This would be a good way to rule out the drive you are transferring them on.
  17. Hi @jakup The best way to ensure you only have to edit once it to create a Master page that contains the pantone colour ribbon. Then when the customer asks for changes it's a single change to the Master page which is then applied to all pages that have the Master page applied to them. That saying, the other issues you mention like the copy changing colour and the ribbon changing when the photo was present need looking into. Can you upload your document here so I can take a closer look please?
  18. Hi @samsiu Sorry to hear this is still an issue for you. Can you tell me where the files are stored and if you are navigating to the file in that location or selecting Open Recent?
  19. Hi @Dave Johnson Thanks for the crash log, can you give us the steps that you need to take to recreate this issue too please?
  20. Hi @quaSimba Sorry for the delay in replying to you. I haven't been able to reproduce this. I'm not sure if it's because I am using a newer version of Publisher than you or if it's because I am doing something differently. Would you be able to try this again using the latest release version please?
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