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  1. I got a message from 3D secure that payment was succesful. I contacted my bank - and they can't see the payment in the history, neither in rejected or pending (a bank in Poland). It is important for me to confirm that I used the genuine website. It would help me so much if you could check your logs to see that the payment was initated - but not completed. Thanks
  2. Hello, I ordered the "Christi‘s Comix Toolbox" from your store https://affinity.serif.com. I made payment by entering card number - a 3D secure window of my bank appeared, I entered the credentials, the code and paid. I was redirected to a blankpage - with nothing in it. The product was still in the basket. The certificate and security picture on 3d secure site was OK - it seems I used genuine site. I am really upset with this - please contact me (I sent an email to affinityorders) Please advise
  3. Hint-hint to the Dev Team.... Please, please improve the way brushes work, the way how they are smoothed - it is CRUCIAL for illustrators and other drawing artists. At the moment, we need to switch back to il.... Aff Designer is much more user friendly than Il... and working with bezier and nodes is a very positive experience. If only the brushes worked OK just two things: 1) better curve smoothing control (like in AI or Inkscape) 2) providing a tool that allows to smooth uneven points on a curve (like in the competitive products) Thank you and good luck!
  4. Hello Is there a way to get a smooth brush curves without using the stabiliser tool? The only way for me to get a gentle, smooth curve is by setting a small value (6-8) in brush stabiliser (window method). It looks perfect - but it drives me mad that there are gaps in my drawings as the brush follows the tip of the pen in some distance - when you draw, you miss lines and create gaps.... It's super-annying and it's the only way that prevents me from ditching Il... competition... Look, Inkscape does it right, Krita, etc. - and somehow in Affinity Designer you have the choice - either accept chunky line or missing spots because of using the stabiliser. Please, please, please - give the users more control on how the vector line are smoothed.... Also... The smooth option works somehow - well - like not working Compared to Il... It's not like missing your arm, but maybe a finger - but still.... There's one very annoying thing
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