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  1. evtonic3, there is another way to apply wave effect on layer(s) by using different distort filter called "Shear" in Affinity Photo. It has good use, because you can control it manually and knowledge about linear equations is no needed. Unfortunately... this option requires some time, because we need to set the curved lines properly by "trial and error" method. If you will want to give the same wave effect on another layer, which has a different dimension, then the line will go differently. You can see these differences on attached image - I made it on a darker background to not stra
  2. Hi there, Sorry for refreshing this old thread, but I don't want create new and also I couldn't find a more suitable one. I am a new user here and I'm just starting the adventure with Affinity (especially with Designer and Photo), so I look forward to your understanding. Today I was practicing more on warping layer to visualize it on complex object using the photo of the bottle and the label design from the author's post (Maxxxworld). I found that Affinity Photo (v. allows to distort/warp selected layer (or group of layers) in 4 different ways. So far I have used such a
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