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  1. As frustrating as it is, I think it's default behaviour in MacOS, so that might explain why it's happening in Affinity and why it perhaps (I don't really know, I've never tried to write any software!) isn't as simple a fix as we think it is. I've experimented with some of Apple's own software such as Apple Pages and Apple Numbers. What appears to happen is the file browser that appears in dialogs (such as when you use File > Open or File > Save ie. not the main file browser you use on the desktop finder) remembers it's last state, so the next time you perform any action that uses that dialog file browser (whether that is Open, Save or Export) it will still be in the last place you left it. The problem seems to arise if you open a file from the desktop finder, or the Recents menu or any other "shortcut" method that doesn't use the dialog file browser. None of these other methods update the dialog file browser's state and so the next time you go to Open, Save or Export it will still be in whatever folder you last opened, saved or exported to/from through the dialog file browser. There probably is a way that Affinity can work around this (as I assume Adobe have) to get the behaviour we want, but perhaps a feature request to Apple would be in order as well so that we can get this as the default behaviour across all software without the software developers have to work around it!
  2. This is the logical solution, but sometimes you're rushing and you make assumptions. You export, assuming it will go into the folder you've just opened a file from, and instead it exports back to the previous folder you exported to, which could be an entirely different job. Of course, you can just export again, but at some point you still have to go and hunt down that initial export even if it's just to delete it to keep your files tidy!
  3. I just can’t get masks to work as you would expect. While the mask layer is selected, eraser acts like painting black, it masks the image. Painting black does the same thing. But painting white does nothing at all … surely that should reveal the image again? The official instructions tell you to use a white paintbrush but it just does nothing! Black, and any level of grayscale right down to 1%, mask the image out to various levels but there is no way to remove parts of the mask or reveal the image because totally white doesn’t do anything at all and the eraser acts like a 100% black paintbrush! (On iPad by the way!)
  4. Fancy assuming a roadmap was a roadmap and not just a wishlist?! Honestly! People these days! /s
  5. I'm still having this issue even after a number of updates. Anyone else finding this issue?
  6. Definitely needed … there are brushes in Designer that confusingly give the impression they are calligraphic by their previews, but the variation in width is actually based on pressure using a pen/tablet … vector lines whose width changes based on a consistent angle would be much more precise, and useful!
  7. Every time I open any document in Publisher with any linked resources I have the same message pop-up asking me to grant permission to access the linked resource. The message says "We recommend granting global permission to avoid future requests." which I am quite happy to do and so every single time I choose the "Authorise global" option and yet the very next time I try to open a document with linked resources I get the same message all over again. You can see from this screenshot that Publisher has already been granted Full Disk Access and yet I am still getting this message saying "Linked resource permission denied". How do I stop it? How do I keep the global authorisation permanent? I've noticed one or two similar questions relating to authorisation, but they seem to be ones who accidentally denied and want to trigger this message to reappear so that they can allow it, or ones who have allowed it but now want to deny it. I've not come across anyone else that has allowed it, and wants to allow it, but for some reason keeps getting it denied anyway!
  8. Hi, sorry if I'm being a noob, but I'm not sure what you mean by a "tag"? I'm trying to do this exact thing, I've got as far as applying "No Break" to the headings, which does carry them across both columns, but the text in the second column appears over the heading instead of being pushed down the page below it.
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