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  1. Nice! I hope your colleagues are well versed in the DAM capabilities of Aperture. Apple was light years ahead on the DAM features and they were making good progress on automation of generating the metadata. I would ask you to consider continuation of that thread ... that is, analyze my photos and help me generate the metadata (people, shot type, faces, contact info, geotags, animals, landscape type, day, night, cloudy, season, event, exposure, etc). And make it all searchable. Another aspect of Aperture often overlooked is the automation it provided for creating slideshows and books. Please consider including these features in the roadmap. Good luck!
  2. Agreed. I suggested they get a DAM out the door a couple years ago. Their focus has instead been in other areas such as a Windows port, iPad port, etc. So, there is no chance a DAM is anywhere in sight. There maybe a silver lining in 2017. I saw something on the Macphun web site last week. They do say repeatedly on their blog that they intend to release a DAM feature in Luminar in 2017. From my quick look at Luminar, it appears they have been learning what made Aperture such a great success. Cross your fingers but there does appear to be an Aperture replacement on the horizon.
  3. Agreed! I think we have been quite patient waiting for this feature. Moreover, I have recommended to others that Affinity be considered on many occassions. For some reason, this feature request keeps getting put off and I have nearly lost all faith amd trust in this company. I can no longer recommend this product. I recall one developer saying arrowheads was a complicated feature. Well, if preview can do arrowheads, I do not understand why we cannot have a basic arrowhead in AD. Maybe management needs to think about hiring a new developer? Or instead of trying to implement arrowhead utopia, they could just give us what we can get with Preview. For heavens sake, its already baked into OSX. Similar to your situation, my use case involves a lot of technical and marketing illustrations and arrowheads are required in nearly everything I do. And likewise, I never seem to be abe to use AD for anything useful. In fact, I use Autodesk Graphic for all my illustrations these days. Apologies for the criticism.
  4. Moreover, consider open sourcing the afphoto file format so that third parties can integrate their tools with AP.
  5. Ok, I am going to pipe in here facitiously... forget the dang iPad app for heavens sake. Besides, there is a viable workaround ... use a mac! Now, lets get on with the arrowheads!
  6. Lets be honest with each other here and stop with all this "fake news". There is currently no viable workaround for arrowheads in Designer. The so called "workarounds" mentioned are not in anyway useful or acceptable. Moreover, anyone who thinks these so called workarounds are useful has either no use for arrowheads, does not use arrowheads or is being dishonest to try and prioritize their own feature requests. It's about time Serif addressed this long standing feature request.
  7. This feature request goes back to November. It has been nearly 9 months since this request and they were requested long before here. This tool is almost useless without them if you intend to make illustrations. Please put this at the top of the list.
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