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  1. Nikos

    No Quicklook with Designer 1.6.1

    Have a look at the issue (linked in my first message above), which I opened 3 years ago. Designer always had a small raster preview. This is not true Quicklook. For instance, with page up/down you can read a whole PDF using Quicklook. Even if we agree that a raster preview embedded in the file is the way to go (say, for performance reasons), it is way too small.
  2. Nikos

    No Quicklook with Designer 1.6.1

    It worked after creating a new document (so I found a new bug here), but a low-res raster thumbnail cannot be considered Quicklook of a vector image. SVG works fine, of course. But it is handled by the OS. The Quicklook image is 3 times smaller than the original. It is not rendered on the fly.
  3. Nikos

    No Quicklook with Designer 1.6.1

    Hi, It was not enabled. I enabled it, made a small change, saved the document. Same result. HOWEVER, when I quicklook an SVG document, does it contain a thumbnail? It does not. My 3 year-old issue (linked above), was asking for true quicklook support instead of a low-res thumbnail. Which is not going to happen, I guess?
  4. I first reported the problem with quicklook and Designer, almost 3 years ago: Instead of fixing it, I now see that quicklook does not work at all with the release version of Designer 1.6.1 I find Quicklook essential for the Mac experience, and the status of this issue is disappointing. It can't be that hard to fix this!
  5. I spent a lot of time of time trying to get a selected area of my image out of Affinity Photo. With no luck. It seems "copy" only works within Photo and is not compatible with the iOS pasteboard. So, how do I export only part of my image? Either a selection or a layer? Do I have to delete everything else first? Apparently, this is an ugly hack.
  6. I only see sharing functionality in the Export menu. However, this does not include Affinity's native format. This is NOT good. Ideally, I should be able to save a file in iCloud and edit either from my iPads or from my Macs. Am I missing something? (Testing the 1.6.3. Beta).
  7. It will never run on a Mini iPad? What is the limiting factor? GPU?
  8. If we do not see something this week, it will be very disappointing.
  9. Actually, this is what I was looking for. Being able to hide the handles anytime. Do you know where is this in the shortcuts manager, so that I can reassign it to Cmd-H ?
  10. Yes!! I had seen the video, 9 months ago... The problem is, the app is still not on my 12.9" iPad!! Perhaps you need some help? (BTW, is this developed in Objective-C and C++, I guess??)
  11. I would like to resurface this. 20 months later, it is still not resolved. Quicklook is one of the most useful features of mac OS, and I think you should support it properly. I am noticing a real problem here. Trying to become Adobe in 3 years, is a recipe for... becoming Adobe! The users that we have been attracted to Affinity, want to ESCAPE Adobe. Developing 3 new apps while having easy-to-fix bugs outstanding for 2 years, is a really bad idea.
  12. One of the things I have been waiting for, is Affinity Photo for iPad. It seems this has been sent back by many months? I am also waiting for a decent DAM app (I do not like LightRoom's UI!), since the time Apple killed Aperture. I have almost decided to invest my free time into developing one myself (I am a developer with a passion for Photography).
  13. +1 I find it hard to believe that something so useful and simple is not implemented yet. I find my self doing Deselect and then Undo Deselect, all the time. This thread is 30 months old. I found this thread by searching, because I need this feature. BTW, something similar (Hide Pixel Selection) has finally made it into Affinity Photo 1.5 I would prefer a keyboard shortcut to control whether the selection box is visible or not.
  14. The problem here was that one of my artboards/slices has the same name as the document filename. I had already specified a PNG format for exporting the whole document, and this is why it is complaining. The whole-document slice cannot be deleted, and I think it is created automatically. So it seems that it is a bad idea to name an dartboard or slice the same as your document.
  15. Is this normal? Why should the base filename for the PNG and SVG version be different? If I add PDF to the export format, it does not complain. I get the following message when I hover on the exclamation mark: