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  1. I'm glad this has been fixed in 1.8 beta. Here is an HDR I created from an attached SD card. (Originally it was 42 MP 😀 )
  2. Well, I am sure that the nice people at Serif understand that this is a top priority for all of us who shoot outdoors !
  3. Hi there, One of the big news of iOS 13 is the ability to attach USB sticks, SSD drives etc snd have access to all the files (at last!). However, I cannot access these attached media from the Affinity apps. The attached media does not appear in the Files browser WITHIN Photo, while I can see it in the Files app. Is this an iOS bug/limitation? If it is not, I think it should be top priority to have this feature. So that we are able to leave the laptops at home when going outdoors!
  4. Have a look at the issue (linked in my first message above), which I opened 3 years ago. Designer always had a small raster preview. This is not true Quicklook. For instance, with page up/down you can read a whole PDF using Quicklook. Even if we agree that a raster preview embedded in the file is the way to go (say, for performance reasons), it is way too small.
  5. It worked after creating a new document (so I found a new bug here), but a low-res raster thumbnail cannot be considered Quicklook of a vector image. SVG works fine, of course. But it is handled by the OS. The Quicklook image is 3 times smaller than the original. It is not rendered on the fly.
  6. Hi, It was not enabled. I enabled it, made a small change, saved the document. Same result. HOWEVER, when I quicklook an SVG document, does it contain a thumbnail? It does not. My 3 year-old issue (linked above), was asking for true quicklook support instead of a low-res thumbnail. Which is not going to happen, I guess?
  7. I first reported the problem with quicklook and Designer, almost 3 years ago: Instead of fixing it, I now see that quicklook does not work at all with the release version of Designer 1.6.1 I find Quicklook essential for the Mac experience, and the status of this issue is disappointing. It can't be that hard to fix this!
  8. I spent a lot of time of time trying to get a selected area of my image out of Affinity Photo. With no luck. It seems "copy" only works within Photo and is not compatible with the iOS pasteboard. So, how do I export only part of my image? Either a selection or a layer? Do I have to delete everything else first? Apparently, this is an ugly hack.
  9. I only see sharing functionality in the Export menu. However, this does not include Affinity's native format. This is NOT good. Ideally, I should be able to save a file in iCloud and edit either from my iPads or from my Macs. Am I missing something? (Testing the 1.6.3. Beta).
  10. It will never run on a Mini iPad? What is the limiting factor? GPU?
  11. If we do not see something this week, it will be very disappointing.
  12. Actually, this is what I was looking for. Being able to hide the handles anytime. Do you know where is this in the shortcuts manager, so that I can reassign it to Cmd-H ?
  13. Yes!! I had seen the video, 9 months ago... The problem is, the app is still not on my 12.9" iPad!! Perhaps you need some help? (BTW, is this developed in Objective-C and C++, I guess??)
  14. I would like to resurface this. 20 months later, it is still not resolved. Quicklook is one of the most useful features of mac OS, and I think you should support it properly. I am noticing a real problem here. Trying to become Adobe in 3 years, is a recipe for... becoming Adobe! The users that we have been attracted to Affinity, want to ESCAPE Adobe. Developing 3 new apps while having easy-to-fix bugs outstanding for 2 years, is a really bad idea.
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