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  1. +1 from me. Having variable fonts would be a very beneficial feature for Affinity Designer. A lot of the fonts on Google Fonts are variable now. https://fonts.google.com/?vfonly=true
  2. Yes, it seems to me variable fonts show up in Affinity, but only at one predefined setting. Hopefully, in the future we can adjust width and thickness of the fonts. By the way, here's a company who makes free variable fonts. https://www.etceteratype.co/
  3. Was just googling around for how to use variable fonts. I learned that they exist not 30 minutes ago, but I can clearly see the use of them. I hope Affinity Designer will support this in the near future.
  4. REAPER is a popular digital audio workstation without DRM. People still pay for it because they get a lot of goodwill. That’s one example of how that model can work. Just because Petar knows that there are pirated versions of Affinity Designer doesn’t mean he actively sought it out. I came across pirate-links while searching for a portable version of AD, via google. Not really relevant to the discussion. I would love to be able to use AD as a portable app.
  5. I am remaking a user interface design which is based on vector rendering. In this user interface, I noticed that they use quite nice dithering. It looks really sharp and nice, but I can't recreate it inside Affinity Designer. Here's an example: The above shape is made in AD. The bottom shape comes from the user interface reference I am using. They use blue and red to smooth out the shape, which gives a really nice effect when viewed at normal zoom levels. Is there any way to get this type of dithering inside Affinity Designer? Does it have a name?
  6. This is still an issue in Would be very handy to be able to edit opacity of global colours.
  7. Thanks v_kyr. I forgot to mention that I am making this using vector shapes, in Affinity Designer. But the result is the same; exporting at 2x will yield a 2px result. I found a semi-okay solution using constraints to keep the 1px lines scaling on the right axes, and then duplicating and scaling the group by hand - and finally exporting to 1x. But I was hoping Affinity could help me make this easier.
  8. Edit: Forgot to mention that I am using Affinity Designer. Is there any way to have these pink lines stay at exactly 1 pixel size when exporting this as a slice at both 1x and 2x? I'm trying to reskin the user interface of a DAW, which uses these pink lines to determine what parts of the image not to stretch.
  9. Windows 10 x64 Affinity Designer crashes when I copy (CTRL + C) one shape and then paste the fills and strokes using CTRL + Shift + V. This happens only every once in a while, but I've managed to reliably recreate it in the attached project file. Both layers exist within a symbol, which has two instances in the project. If I first detach both symbols, the crash does not occur. See attached project file. Copy Paste Bug.afdesign
  10. I use this option a lot in my shapes: This will keep corners consistently rounded even if I resize my shapes. However, when I use the export persona to export a shape at different sizes, it seems that the rounded corners are scaled up as well. I'd like my shapes to have 14 px rounded corners at both 1x and 2x sizes. I noticed this option in the slice export dialog: But this has no effect on the corners roundness. Is it possible to export my shapes with an absolute value of 14 px roundness at both 1x and 2x?
  11. Surgio: Check out the video tutorials on the Serif website. I can also recommend Tutsplus’s youtube videos. They both go through new features and show how to use them.
  12. Windows 10 x64 Image 1 This is how my image looks at 100% zoom on my 1080p monitor. Pixel view is disabled. Image 2 This is how my image looks at 100% zoom with "pixel view" enabled. When I export the image, it looks like image 1. Affinity Designer seems to think that "pixel view" is half of the resolution that my image should be. Is this a bug or are my settings messed up? Edit: After restarting Affinity Designer and my PC the issue has resolved itself.
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