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  1. Nonsense. If you want to edit vectors in another vector editing app, you export vectors. Pixels are a grid of colour values. Vectors are a scalable description of points, lines, curves, gradients, fills, etc. Once you drop down to pixels, you’ve destroyed all of the information that is not relevant at that particular resolution, and you cannot get it back.
  2. Yes, that is exactly my point. The original thread about free transform tools is years old. Serif is not responsive to their user community.
  3. No, it’s not easier. It’s just more work. VS is responsive to user requests. Serif is not.
  4. Free Transform is not a feature that is difficult to implement. It is simply a matrix multiplication, which is almost identical in code to rotation or scaling. Also, clearly code already exists to do this on a pixel image, because that's a feature that is available in Photo. This also would not be related to the platform this is implemented on, I'm almost completely certain that all the drawing code is shared between iPad and Mac versions. As with all software development, it's a question of prioritisation of limited resources (developer time), and Affinity have unfortunately made the decision that this feature is less important than many others. 🤷‍♂️
  5. That’s a fair enough question, but yes, I do take it for granted in this case, it’s really that basic a function. The feature is also already implemented (destructively) in Photo, so the developers definitely know what we are asking for.
  6. This is not a necessary discussion for a free transform tool. It’s well established how this function works. It’s not a “feature idea”, it’s almost as basic a tool as drawing bezier curves. Google “illustrator free transform” for quite literally hundreds of different uses.
  7. +1 from me. It’s the only reason why I am, sadly, still using Illustrator.
  8. +1 for a free transform tool. This is a tool that I need very frequently. I was rather astonished to find this missing from the otherwise excellent designer.
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