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  1. Many of these links do not work to the downloads on the page link from above. I got the Error 404 message on Many of them. (Serif you need to check all the links and update) Please can you update these links and also add some fabric textures, zips, trims, ruffles et cetera for fashion designers. I have some great ones from AI but can't import them.... Thank you
  2. I’m having the same problem I only get straight lines there is no other options for getting a curved line
  3. Feature Request For Fashion/ Textile Designers (There are a lot of us out there and MANY more that would move over from Ai) Pattern Repeat function. Easy Pattern Fill Ability to make own Brushes for fills Line Trace Please reply if you agree. Thank You
  4. add another 1 to the list. PLEASE PLEASE.ADD !!!
  5. I agree, This would be MOST useful for Fashion Designers!! Please add to the program.
  6. I too need a larger icon size. It's not possible to work in the program for too long and it becomes quite uncomfortable. I am working on a Windows computer and need larger icons in both designer and photo.
  7. I too NEED a Live Trace option in Affinity Designer Very surprised that such a sophisticated program as the Affinity designer does not have this feature yet
  8. I really need to see the pattern making tool as on adobe illustrator. There it is simply, Object, pattern, make. This allows you to see the whole pattern. A further drop down shows the horizontal and vertical repeats and allows you do set 1/2 blocks and different repeats. This would be Extremely helpful if / when you added this. Along with image trace..... I have been using All the serif programmes for 25+ years and find them so intuitive. Please add the pattern repeat soon !! Thanks.
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