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  1. Dear NaulisJakke, I understand your position too. 🙂 I don't have a problem with users reminding Serif about their great need for footnotes. I need them, too, a LOT. I'm just hoping that the users of this fine forum who feel that frustration can remember that Serif is on their side. Thanks for your understanding! Peter
  2. @NaulisJakke, I did NOT post my remarks to stop people from speaking. I simply tried to point out that for one thing, as you may note, this thread is 25 pages long and a LOT of the posts are from people who don't seem to have even skimmed the previous pages. That issue alone gives rise to seemingly endless repetition. But the main issue for me was exactly as I wrote: the level of hostility and blame toward Serif was over the top in my opinion. So, as I said above, I felt like I had to offer a different opinion: one that was supportive of Serif's hard working crew. In t
  3. Sure, Garrett. Not a problem. Part of my motivation was to let the folks at Serif know that they are truly appreciated for their work, their products, and yes, their price point! It's a bit depressing, I think, to have people banging on and on and on and on about the same topic, especially if one has already responded with a "Yep, we're working on it," and *most* especially if the comments are rude and hostile and filled with blame. Since I'm a programmer, I can empathize with Serif's crew. I also have NO desire to multiple nastiness in any shape or form, so I'll not be "going b
  4. @NaulisJakke, I'm utterly flabbergasted that you brought the concept of hate speech into a technical discussion forum. First: I'm a strong proponent of courtesy, kindness, love, and politeness. Second, I'm a strong proponent of Free Speech, and believe that way too many people are caving in and running away from anyone who accuses them of hate speech. Too many people abjectly apologize, out of fear, when they usually have said nothing wrong. That way lies totalitarianism. For the record, my comments were appropriate and I have nothing to apologize for, in regards to those comments. T
  5. @Radek K, funding is indeed an issue. I'm a programmer, and if you want a product you have to pay programmers, so adding features means more hours and more money. AFPub is a complete rewrite of PagePlus, and AFPub is quite new. Plenty of time to add the feature? Well, you'd have to do an analysis of Serif's budget, staff allocation, and entire work flow, which includes writing Affinity Designer and Photo. You're focused on blaming Serif, as if they've done something wrong. They have not done anything wrong at all by releasing AFPub without footnotes. See my post above. It's THEI
  6. Hi @BofG, Thanks for your response! I've ordered a proof from Amazon, so we'll see what happens. I think my Brother laser printer is way off, in any case. Thanks again, Peter
  7. Hi @BofG, Thank you for your response! I believe that the printers (Amazon and Ingram) recommend PDFs in the PDF/X-1a:2003 format, which I believe converts everything to CMYK. Also, I just noted that when I printed the file from within AFPub, to a Brother color laser printer, the output was way too green. I saw the same thing when I converted the file from RGB to CMYK via a website that converts files. The CMYK output was too green. But, when I view the final PDF generated by AFPub, on my screen, the file isn't too green. The only noticeable difference is the more vivid pin
  8. Hi All, I'm using the latest AFPub on Win10. I have a high res photo (jpg) of a painting that I'm using for a book cover. ("The Soul of a Rose," by Waterhouse.) Since I'm creating a book cover (for Amazon KDP and Ingram Spark), I'm using the CMYK color space in AFPub. The original JPG file is using the sRGB color space. * In XNView, in the original file, the pink color in the woman's cheek is delicate; not harsh. * When I link to the file in AFPub, and view it in AFPub, the pink is stronger; not as delicate. * When I export the cover to a PDF, the color is st
  9. I'm astonished at the level of aggressiveness, hostility, and complaint toward Serif because Affinity Publisher doesn't have footnotes. It all seems quite misplaced to me. Here are possible alternative scenarios: * Serif withdraws Publisher from the market until footnotes/endnotes are ready. * Serif raises the price of Publisher to match Adobe's products, and with that extra revenue (assuming anyone paid the fees) hired more programmers to get footnotes done more quickly. * Serif puts a huge, red-letter note on AF's web page that says: "AF Doesn't Have Footnotes! Be Warned!"
  10. Dear Walt, Yes, interesting. Doncha just hate bugs that are intermittent? I copied a book document that I had previously created, and then deleted most of the content, edited some other pages, and then pasted in about 100 pages of text from a Word doc. I then formatted those pages, which then became 250+ pages. Then, having saved that afpub doc, I got to the point where I deleted all of the pages except page one, and then hit shift click, which brought in the content that had previously been saved. So, I don't know if there's something in that hidden content that identifies
  11. Dear Walt, In fact, I *did* do as you described, more than once, with linked text frames on the master pages. Same result. I linked them by: - clicking on the left master page text frame's arrow on the bottom right - double clicking on the right-hand master page to bring it into the editing window - clicking on the center of the text frame in that right-hand master page. Note that I only started with document page one, which has a right-hand master. Would it have worked differently, if I had started with page one and two? Thanks, Peter
  12. Dear Walt and Bruce, Thank you very much for your responses! I went through a number of iterations of tests, and this is what I ultimately landed on: * The linked text frames on the master pages are not necessary. The lack of them made no difference with the steps below. * The Facing Page spread makes all the difference, and with that selected, the shift-select on page one imports all of the pages into the correct *text frames* -- i.e. with the left page and right page text frames positioned correctly. After testing with master page text frames (linked correctly) and w
  13. I tried to link them by shift clicking on the left and right master text frames, but I don't think I did it correctly. Is there a specific operation that will link a frame on the left master page to the text frame on the right one? Thanks, Peter
  14. Hi Folks.... I am royally stuck. I'm working on a book, using Publisher I created two master pages: a right-hand page (B) and a left-hand page (A), with inner margins wider than the outer margins. I created a doc with text frames in the doc (not on the master pages). I'm NOT using facing pages spread. (I tested this problem with facing pages, but it made no difference.) I pasted a long Word doc into a spot in between some pages, and after a while discovered that some of my pages were all using the *right-hand* master page. So, I've repeatedly deleted
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