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    Patrick, thank you for a response. Dare I ask though: what is a ’long’ extension? Is there any sort of rough guestimate as to how long it will take? Years? Yours Jakke
  2. NaulisJakke


    I am now well over halfway writing my Ph.D thesis. I use a lot of pictures and graphics and I've been waiting for Publisher in a state of exhilaration. I've been working tirelessly with Designer on iPad (I love working while lying on my bed) and now I'm beginning to take on some heavy duty work on Photo. But there is no way around it: I desperately need those footnotes/endnotes. I have fought with them in InDesign and while there is certainly room for improvement I will settle for something that works in a relatively reliable manner. My problem now is that I am running out of time because the University of Helsinki is breathing on my neck. I sincerely appreciate what you guys in Serif have created, especially Designer is pure joy to work with, but like many others I am also eagerly waiting for footnotes/endnotes so that I can create the best Ph.D thesis in the world. Cheers Jakke from Finland

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