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  1. It may be that you point out a significant point. I am an Apple user and this footnote/endpoint discussion reminds me of the harsh criticism Apple got a few years back. Apple was then accused of focusing of producing flashy stuff for the masses and neglecting if not totally ignoring the original purpose of producing high-end hardware and software for professionals. Apple was namely ”originally” associated as being the weapon of choice among those who did demanding publishing layouts for living. This is IMHO noteworthy now, because as it has been suggested in this forum, it seems that after Serif started wooing Apple, something has changed. I can only speak for myself but I am experiencing a deja-vu: the emphasis with Serif seems to be on the flashy stuff at the expense of the (perhaps boring) needs of old-time professionals.
  2. I concur totally. Come on Serif: how long are you going to keep us resorting to these bronze-age workarounds in a software that is supposed to be the next generation of professional desktop publishing?
  3. All I tried to say with this is that this prolonged silence is a fertile platform for these kind speculations to rise.
  4. This is what baffles me. Affinity Publisher was released a year ago. I bought it right away. Now, a year later, I haven’t the slightest clue whether it is ever going to turn into the product I thought I was buying: a professional publishing software. Maybe it’s just me but the word ’professional’ indicates that footnote/endnote functionality is self-evident.
  5. This never occurred to me until now: I always assumed that the long delay and concomitant silence was due to technical problems or lack of coding resource or something like that but now I can’t help but entertain the thought that there is a strategy involved. Playing devil’s advocate, namely, wouldn’t it be also possible that this long silence on behalf of Serif is just waiting for this whole conversation to die out. If this is a strech it is IMO a justified strech, because this is, after all, what you get by leaving your devotees completely in the dark for a long time. Nevertheless, at this point it would be desirable for Serif to release some sort of statement concerning this matter to prevent needless speculation and conspiracy theories.
  6. However, even after 18 months are still left in complete darkness: it seems that we have no idea if this is going to be implemented at all. It is this total muteness that I find incomprehensible and disrespectful: we get to read so many advancements on other areas but this elementary topic of book publishing seems to be left in a permanent black hole. I work on a Mac, so I cannot resort to MS Publisher or PagePlus, so it is either Apub or the infamous InDesign subscription. I would whole-heartedly welcome an interim solution of endnotes or something like that. Main point is this: you cannot keep people in the dark forever. It is not fair.
  7. I had Indesign in my Creative suite edu version, the last one before the subscription policy of Adobe. With advancing MacOs versions it became less and less reliable and news about Affinity Publisher were a new and glorious promised land. But then it began: postponing of the launches. But I thought that I'm in no hurry because I had to to write my thesis first. But what was my serious mistake was to imagine that since the launch took so long we were going to get a fully operational product. I don't really get this - isn't footnotes/endnotes such an elemental part of a publishing software that you don't get to call it a publishing software without that? I mean, because Affinity Photo and Affinity Design are so professional I took it for granted that Publisher was to be launched to that same high-end level. But now, we are starting a new circle of waiting with no idea how long this one's going to last. It is so frustrating to be forced to resort to a subscription of InDesign.
  8. Patrick, thank you for a response. Dare I ask though: what is a ’long’ extension? Is there any sort of rough guestimate as to how long it will take? Years? Yours Jakke
  9. I am now well over halfway writing my Ph.D thesis. I use a lot of pictures and graphics and I've been waiting for Publisher in a state of exhilaration. I've been working tirelessly with Designer on iPad (I love working while lying on my bed) and now I'm beginning to take on some heavy duty work on Photo. But there is no way around it: I desperately need those footnotes/endnotes. I have fought with them in InDesign and while there is certainly room for improvement I will settle for something that works in a relatively reliable manner. My problem now is that I am running out of time because the University of Helsinki is breathing on my neck. I sincerely appreciate what you guys in Serif have created, especially Designer is pure joy to work with, but like many others I am also eagerly waiting for footnotes/endnotes so that I can create the best Ph.D thesis in the world. Cheers Jakke from Finland
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