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  1. I'm not sure if I'm simply missing a way to do this that's there, or if this is a feature request. For longer documents one great feature of InDesign is the ability to place a text file and have ID create as many pages as needed to accommodate the text. Can this be done in Publisher, or is it on the feature road-map? It's certainly a feature I'd like if I'm to seriously consider switching (which my bank account would love me to do!) Doug
  2. Doug Chaplin

    Text import

    Got rtf working now. Thanks
  3. Doug Chaplin

    Printing issue

    I'm having a similar problem of blank printing. version on High Sierra 10.13.6. My test pages are populated, but printing comes up with a blank whether to pdf or my installed Canon. This is what I see.
  4. Doug Chaplin

    Text import

    I'm finding that when I try either to place a text file, or use the "insert text from file …" option in the contextual menu from a text frame, all my own files with text – docx, doc, rtf – are greyed out. I notice that in the tutorial videos they copy and paste text from TextEdit. I'm so surprised this feature isn't working, that I'm wondering if it's just my system. Running Beta on OSX 10.13.6. Any ideas?

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