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  1. Well, looks like my email about the address got through in time. I got a very prompt reply from Serif, and should expect my book this week.
  2. After Serif has failed to reply to two emails (is AffinityOrders@Serif.com not the best address), I was pleased this evening to get an email saying my workbook had been dispatched. That was, until I read the email. Then I saw that Serif had left the house number off the address – so I expect the courier will have to return it again. I can't imagine a courier walking up and down the road saying do you know where this person lives!! I checked back and found I'd sent them an email two weeks ago confirming my address, with the house number. I've emailed in the hope they can tell the courier in time, but I'm beginning to think I;m stuck in Groundhog Day hell. Aaargh!
  3. However, I'm sorry to report that despite saying they'd send it again, they haven't responded to my request to do so, or acknowledged my subsequent email. So I'm back to being fed up with this and thinking I may have to give up waiting and ask for a refund.
  4. Yes, I gor an email from AffinityOrders@serif.com – I think Amazon use DHL among others as one of their couriers.
  5. And finally I get told what's happening – it appears that DHL just returned it to the warehouse, without leaving any evidence that they ever tried to deliver it. Now got to start waiting all over again.
  6. And finally – it appears that DHL just returned it to the warehouse, without leaving any evidence that they ever tried to deliver it. Now got to start waiting all over again.
  7. It''s not just that the workbook ordered on Nov 30 still hasn't arrived, nor that serif have given no update on the order. It's also that they still haven't replied to an email sent on Monday morning asking for an update on when I can expect delivery. Is anyone else getting absolutely no response out of them?
  8. It would be good to get an update from Serif on when the publisher workbooks are going to arrive for those of us still waiting for them. I've heard nothing since the email on 8 Dec saying they would be late. I'm beginning to wonder how long to wait before cancelling my order and asking for a refund.
  9. I'm another one waiting after ordering on 30 November. I'm beginning to doubt the email received on 8 December saying they were working hard to get the book delivered before Christmas. 😞
  10. I'm not sure if I'm simply missing a way to do this that's there, or if this is a feature request. For longer documents one great feature of InDesign is the ability to place a text file and have ID create as many pages as needed to accommodate the text. Can this be done in Publisher, or is it on the feature road-map? It's certainly a feature I'd like if I'm to seriously consider switching (which my bank account would love me to do!) Doug
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