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  1. Thank's for your answer Yes, you're in the correct way i'll dream with this feature. I understand that create new 'app' or use tied affinity app would be 'the very best' to integrate into the affinity ecosystem (provably with StudioLink)... but I understand, create that app, will occur in a long time... I suppose. The initial step... in my mind... is to use something like (tagged) rtf, or txt,... Something... basic in functions, standar to be used for everyone. It probably produce 'noise' (coded text -affinity labels- only seen in the txt editor). Philosophy of xml. imagine a file (.doc or docx, or otf...). Opened by you... resaved as .txt. to force Publisher compatibility. Then...Linked to Aff. publisher. In Publisher you applied styles, organize boxes, etc... (the linked file include those tags to the .txt file -with styles or text attributes information-)... I think everybody can understand an indication like: 'you can change what you want between tag <affinity> text editable </affinity> DON'T TOUCH ALL OTHER TEXT' Share file by something like dropbox, mail or what you want... There are corrections? no problem... the editor change the text. Finally you update link in Publisher... and voilâ . The Magic acts. I'm sure there will be -as you've said- a lot of 'but..' and 'What if...', including the obvious situation... the editor break the code There's where in the near future (i hope) affinity develop that light but powered, 'affinity text editor' with StudioLink compatibility Have a nice day!!!
  2. I'm interested in this feature too. I'm using Publisher since the initial public betas were published... and since then i'm moving from other apps to affinity apps including Publisher. My 'ecosystem' is changing to affinity apps, but a reduced amount of collaborators/providers/partners, etc. don't. A real solution is they use affinity apps too, obviously... but the usual kind of collaboration, usually resides in collaborate with texts. Write/correct/change those texts... I think, linking external text files, like images, would be a really nice option to fast and intuitive workflow and to finally convince more people to adopt affinity apps as their usual design apps Best regards
  3. CreativaGrafica

    External Linked Text

    I'm really interested in this feature. Link external texts files, like images, would be a really nice option to fast and intuitive workflow Best regards
  4. CreativaGrafica

    feature or bug in Master Pages?

    thank you very much for your words and your explanation. This issue/bug/feature was turning me crazy I think repagination is a very important option in a creation workflow... We need to trust that a repaginaci├│n will not spoil the publication. Verifying an extensive publication is practically impossible. Your demo file is a clear demonstration about the issue. Thanks for your contribution Best regards
  5. Hello, Im designing a little booklet and i encountered an issue: One left page is moved to right... but design applied from master page didn't changed... Is this normal? I have a little different design for left pages and for right pages. I expected the elements auto change when page 2 become page 3 and auto change the pages below :D I'm using Mac version 1.7.1 Thanks in advance. Best regards!!
  6. CreativaGrafica

    Span Columns

    +1. This is really useful. Please, take this in mind to append to Publisher. I was searching for this option in all menus, functions, and option windows... without lucky . Finally, searching in forum... i see this option is not implemented. Thanks a lot. Best regards
  7. CreativaGrafica

    Text Variables

    +1. Thanks
  8. CreativaGrafica

    GREP Styles

    +1 for GREP in styles. Thanks

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