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  1. CreativaGrafica

    feature or bug in Master Pages?

    thank you very much for your words and your explanation. This issue/bug/feature was turning me crazy I think repagination is a very important option in a creation workflow... We need to trust that a repaginaciĆ³n will not spoil the publication. Verifying an extensive publication is practically impossible. Your demo file is a clear demonstration about the issue. Thanks for your contribution Best regards
  2. Hello, Im designing a little booklet and i encountered an issue: One left page is moved to right... but design applied from master page didn't changed... Is this normal? I have a little different design for left pages and for right pages. I expected the elements auto change when page 2 become page 3 and auto change the pages below :D I'm using Mac version 1.7.1 Thanks in advance. Best regards!!
  3. CreativaGrafica

    Span Columns

    +1. This is really useful. Please, take this in mind to append to Publisher. I was searching for this option in all menus, functions, and option windows... without lucky . Finally, searching in forum... i see this option is not implemented. Thanks a lot. Best regards
  4. CreativaGrafica

    Text Variables

    +1. Thanks
  5. CreativaGrafica

    GREP Styles

    +1 for GREP in styles. Thanks