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  1. Yes James, it would make a lot of sense for writers to be able to be editing content (text) while the layout people are laying out a magazine or any document that requires workflow of content providers and final layout people. There already exists teh possibility to link external media (images) and then those images can be changed / updated and then those media images that are referenced in all compiled final documents, will all be updated with the new image. I am surprised that this isn't in here, as InDesign and InCopy work that way and web design works that way. Hopefully one day it will happen.
  2. Thanks Garry, however we want the opposite, the final output will be a compilation of smaller ones, not the other way around. It is easy to output smaller docs from a larger one - I am wanting to have a number of stories, articles and pages, and then work on those separately, but all the while have a central compilation where the final output can be seen and worked on and sent to print.
  3. Is there a way to link external text content into the layout, so the layout person working in Publisher can keep doing layout of the magazine whilst the writers / editors are still editing the content? Rather than the editor having to send the changed text to the layout person, then the layout person has to copy and paste the next text over the previous text. If the text body was to be referencing its content from elsewhere. And the writers could be working on that text 'elsewhere' and the Publisher document could then pick up / update / sync the text at pre-dertimed intervals or when it is saved? I believe InDesign and InCopy worked that way. So design and copywriter teams could both work independently but the content was linked. We are a Training Organisation. We output 6 different student study booklets that are created out of the same shared 'set' of eg 100 content pages. Of the 100 assorted separate documents/pages, some are just 1 page of text (eg Introduction), or 1 page image (Cover or Back Page), others are 2 pages of text with images on a certain subject, whilst others are much longer. Many of these content documents will appear in multiple booklets (eg the page containing our Policies). Certain sections contain chapters with content that is specific to only that one course and that content may only appear in 1 of the booklets. I want to be able to edit the basic text or content in its original 'content' document and have it then be changed in all other linked output booklets. I do not want to have to open and change the same content over and over in every single final output booklet. Sometimes just one or two words need to be changed in a content area, but we don't want to have to then find and change and edit all 6 booklets. I want to allow writers to be able to open the separate content/text document and edit it - and I want this edit to then appear in the final output of ALL the final compiled complete publication booklets that are output. Each item of 'content' is on a separate document that gets compiled into a final output document. Eg (This is just an example, not the actual page numbers.); Booklet 1 includes content document 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 Booklet 2 includes content document 1,2,7 only Booklet 3 includes content document 1,2,3,41,52,63,77,82,93 Booklet 4 only includes content document 1,5,9 and so forth. You will see that some content documents, such as document 1 (introduction) are in all of the final output booklets. We want to be able to make changes to individual small content documents, and have the final output automatically updated. At the moment we just output to PDF which we print and bind, in house. We want to regularly edit and improve the individual single small content documents, chapters, pages of text or even images etc ONCE in one place - and don't want to have to go into every single output Booklet and change them all. We also don't want to have to re-compile every single time there is a change to one document. One change in one document will result in every single final output booklet being changed. We have tried many different workflows over the years - We thought we could do it via Compilations in Scrivener and that works - but Scriverner is not so good for final output and layout is limited. An expert in InDesign and InCopy said she could do it with Booklet compilations being assembled in InDesign and the separate documents being the ‘stories’ as they are called, in InCopy. I wonder if Affinity has a smart way to do this? I see Publisher lets you embed, or alternatively choose to just link to image 'resources' that are external images, so perhaps the same external link system can be used to apply to 'resources' that are text?
  4. yes if it showed that I would have found it - I have used photoshop for ten years. But it just isnt there. No blue shape at all. I finally went to VIEW / CUSTOMISE TOOLS and there is was - but default it seems it isnt there - and there are heaps of hidden tools. At last - I know where they are ...thanks
  5. Sorry if this seems a dumb question - bu tI have searched for 2 hours 13 minutes and enough is enough. Forume, youtube aargh I am going mad. Where are the Shapes hidden in Affinity Photo? Every single youtube and tutorial shows them ,looking at you on the left menu bar - but they aren't the. And search as I might in all logical places I cannot find them. They just aren't there in my version, so they must be hidden somewhere - but where...?
  6. Using iPad Photo - Line Tool I cannot set line colour. Please can you explain it, I have searched for over an hour and cannot make it work. I click the line clock the colour but down the bottom it says 'use fill' but I just cannot get the line changed. please assist or ling to step by step video please....
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