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  1. Hello! is it possible to link a text file, in such a way as it can be with images in Resource Manager? what I need is for the text to be updated (loaded from external RTF, TXT or any other text file that is periodically corrected) each time the project is opened in Publisher
  2. Hi guys! I can not find a link to download the trial version, help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?
  3. Thank you very much for this answer! I'll definitely try it soon
  4. Thanks for your reply I tried to figure out how it works, in a sense, it solves half of the problem. But unfortunately in Assets you can not put a link file, or something like that. Also, I did not find the possibility to edit an existing Object in the Assets category.
  5. Hi guys! I hope everyone has a wonderful day) I needed to embed several external files into my Designer project. It should be attached to the project, but I should be able to edit the files independently of Designer. In other words, it is reflected in the Designer project. Abstract example: I have several * .afdesign files with logos And there are also several * .afdesign projects that use these logos. I need a mechanic in which I can embed logo in all projects, then edit or simply replace the file with the logo in Finder, and returning to Designer projects to find out that the logo in it is also wonderfully updated (even if it requires restarting the program) Tell me please, is there such an opportunity? If not, is it planned in the foreseeable future?
  6. Today I have a talk about corrective layers Your philosophy on non-destructive editing is amazing. And indeed it is very convenient and efficient. I desperately need vector-colorgrading capabilities, and Affinity makes this much easier than I have ever seen it in my practice. but I discovered for myself that in my sequence of actions it does not work as it reflects Using a correction layer to a vector object (for example, HSL correction), I cannot export a file to a vector format (svg or eps in my case), because due to the “language barrier” of different formats, I get a rasterized image. In short, a bundle of a correction layer and a vector object, when exporting, always turns into a raster image inside the file. And the fun fact is that non-destructive layers begin to perform a destructive function. At first glance, the solution to the current situation is to apply this layer on an ongoing basis. It can be said an analogue of the function "EXPAND APPEARANCE" in Adobe Illustrator. And in fact, I discovered that there is such a function in AD, in each adjustment layer there is a MERGE button that can do what I want. And she does it with a raster object. But this does not work with vector objects. I have an assumption that this is a bug, or that this is just unfinished code. Because it seems to me in reality from the point of view of development, it should not cause difficulties, right? just need to apply the updated color to the object. Perhaps, of course, I’m wrong, I’m still far from developing and writing code. What I'm trying to say is somewhat messy, I apologize for that. I understand that you have a Roadmap, and there are a lot of things that are much higher priority than my request, but is there even the slightest chance to get a fix for the MERGE function in the foreseeable future? Sincerely, your friendly guest of forum
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