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  1. On 8/5/2019 at 6:38 AM, MEB said:

    Hi davidlower8,
    Regarding the problems/issues shown in this last video, the cause is the misalignment of the artboard labelled homepage - actually this applies to all other artboards except the first one labelled logo - all of them are misaligned (non-integer coordinates and some also have non-integer widths and/or heights). Select each artboard layer in the Layers panel (except the first - labelled logo - which is already correct/aligned) and fix the X,Y coordinates for all of them in the Transform panel so they all have integer values. Also fix the widths and heights of the artboards with non-integer widths/heights. The slices (Export Persona) should then export with the correct dimensions/no gaps/misalignments etc.

    When starting a project like this, where you begin with a single artboard, make sure you have Force Pixel Alignment enabled from the beginning and make sure to also disable Move by whole pixels as it's not necessary for almost all work, except pixel based artwork: designing small icons, optimising logos for small sizes and all other artwork where you need more control over the antialiasing). When duplicating the artboards (for the other pages) on canvas always make sure you do it pressing and holding cmd and dragging the artboard from his label on top left since it honours the snapping settings (force pixel alignment included). If you duplicate them using alt  instead Affinity Designer overrides the snapping settings and you easily end up with an artboard in non-integer coordinate values which then messes up all the exports. 

    Regarding PDF's (edge line problems), this is the "original" issue I'm still checking and need to talk with the dev team.

    Hi @MEB

    Why can’t this be a default setting for new projects?

    I have to redo a project, with over 30 art-boards, because of the 1 pixel gap problem. I’m creating vector brushes and the small pixel gap creates a line around the brushes. 

    Thanks for your help,


  2. Hello,

    I've been reorganizing my vector brushes on Affinity Designer and came across an issue.

    What are the category names of the default Affinity Designer vector brushes? I have too many brush categories, which caused me to lose track of the Affinity Designer vector brushes. It would have been helpful if Affinity had labeled them as AD brushes, for organizational purposes.

    I found a link to the legacy Affinity Designer brushes, but not to the current default Affinity Designer brush category list. https://affinityspotlight.com/article/get-legacy-affinity-brushes/

    Thanks for your help,


  3. Hello,

    I'm really enjoying Affinity Designer so far. There are so many convenient features to help make vector illustration more fun and efficient.

    I recently discovered symbol bugs on Affinity Designer for Windows PC. The bugs never occurred before the last AD software update. 

    After duplicating a symbol, I'm unable to arrange the symbols independently using the 'Move to Back' function. The duplicated symbols move together, even when only one is selected, while using the 'Move to Back' function. I also can't disable visibility without them all being turned on or off simultaneously.  

    A macOS user recently had a similar problem, from this thread: 


  4. @Remi McGill Audiokinetic Hi Remi,

    I just tried to replicate what you were doing in your video. It looks like the bug is now gone from Affinity Designer and it works! I was informed by a staff member that the developers have been working to improve symbols for us. There was a recent, new release of Affinity Designer that may have these improvements implemented now. 

    Take care and have a good day,


  5. On 11/20/2019 at 4:54 AM, ChrisSmere said:

    Because this remindes me of issues I had (have) with symbols:

    I personally do avoid using symbols at all as at some point they are not synchcronized anymore. The problem is that I haven't been able to find out when or more importantly why it happens. In fact, I would need them, but I don't get their inner logic. I am only speaking about normal symbols not nested ones. Maybe I am just too dumb but not using symbols saves me time and nervs...

    My suggestion would be a "reset" or "resynchronize all" function.

    All the best,

    @ChrisSmereHi Chris,

    I like the idea of having a reset or resynchronize function for nested symbols! It would save a lot of time and energy creating illustrations and other vector designs. 

    Take care and have a good day,


  6. On 11/20/2019 at 4:04 AM, Gabe said:

    You kind of explained it below that :)

    While it is possible to nest symbol within symbols, if things get unsynced, it can produce unexpected results, as you've already discovered. 

    @Gabe Hi Gabe,

    Thanks for your help. I'm still confused about nesting symbols. Are there a lot of bugs in Affinity Designer that prevent someone from using nested symbols? I need to know this in order to avoid using nested symbols in future projects. I just thought that I may be doing something wrong when I'm editing the symbols to cause them to become unsynced. 

    Take care and have a good day,


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