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  1. Artfuturo, 1. Open your failed Afpub file. 2. Delete the first frame box (= Text frame) completely (!!) (page 1). 3. Set up a new first frame box (page 1). 4. Copy Word text. 5. Insert Word text into the new first frame box (page 1). 6. Relink the new first frame box (page 1). 7. Delete the “super small text with tiny spacing values” in the relevant column. 8. Done! Appendix 1. Open the attached Afpub file as a result. 2. Take a look at the Layers panel; our layers are colored (red). Publisher Test_v3.afpub
  2. Hi Joachim, I can't replicate your observation with afpub, but instruct me.
  3. Johann-Christian Hanke, here are my results with the popular Palatino Linotype.ttf font with regard to the kerning pairs concerned. Kerning has been turned on. MS Word 2007: Topf, Typ, Vogel, Wolke (kerning is completely done without having edited the font). Affinity Publisher (Beta): Topf, Typ, Vogel, Wolke (kerning is done only after editing the font). Please see attached font. All the best Gitta PalatinoEdited.ttf
  4. Herr Timo Bierbaum, zwei beigefügte Dateien für Sie zum »Schnuppern«, eine Afpub- und eine PDF-Datei, die Sie nach etwaiger Einsichtnahme freilich im Papierkorb versenken können. Grüße, Gitta ScriptioContinua.afpub (16,7 KiB) ScriptioContinua.pdf (23,3 KiB)
  5. Uwe, I think importing the gradient feature is something that the serif developers will be implementing in the future. Greetings, Gitta
  6. Dave Harris schrieb u. a. am 23. Mai 2015: Der Gehrungswert, den Sie benötigen, um zu verhindern, dass eine scharfe Ecke abgeschnitten wird, hängt vom Winkel der Ecke ab. Bei einem rechten Winkel ergibt der Standardwert von 1,414 eine scharfe Ecke. Bei einem spitzeren Winkel, beispielsweise von den Punkten eines Sterns oder Dreiecks, wird ein größerer Wert benötigt […] Siehe hierzu auch Dave Harris. Grüße, Gitta
  7. rayco the rayco, ich habe ihre PDF-Test-Datei in ein afpub-Dokument konvertiert, wobei fast alles in Kurven umgewandelt wurde. Wenn Sie Zeit haben, öffnen Sie das angehängte Dokument mit Affinity Publisher (Betaversion Grüße, Gitta AScore.afpub (1,5 MiB)
  8. The publisher address for the address bar in File Explorer is "C:\Users\<your username>\Appdata\Roaming\Affinity\Publisher" Gitta
  9. Hi UserS, by default, Publisher applies the kerning tables that the font designer has set for the font. This often requires manual kerning to ensure that all characters appear evenly spaced. In the Abel case, the kerning between the decimal point and four is obviously wrong; the value should be 0.00%. Regards, Gitta
  10. Hello John Tarvin, if you feel like it, take a look at the two attachments (afpub file and corresponding pdf file). Good luck opening it. 2020_ebook.afpub 2020_ebook.pdf Regards, Gitta
  11. Unleavened Tech, If you want, open the attached afpub file using the latest beta build (Affinity Publisher for Windows). Kind regards, Gitta shutterstock.afpub Ghostscript.pdf PDFlib.pdf
  12. Hi Joachim, the three tables in the document are completely correct. It is not the (unselected) baseline grid (see table panel), but the hard line break (enter) that I wanted; press the backspace key in some rows to delete the hard break. Tip: Unlock layers and show special characters. Regards, Gitta
  13. Once doesn’t count: This is my second improved attempt (Afpub file, 10.1 KiB). table-problem-v2.afpub
  14. Eddie, try it with the attached Afpub file (94,9 KiB). I wish you success. Kind regards, Gitta table-problem.afpub
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