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  1. Hi Gabe, It' still broken in - to be sure that there is not a problem with ImageMagick or with my existing (big) .afpub document I've tried to reproduce it with a new image and a new document: Created a new 72dpi image in Affinity Photo ( Save this document as .afphoto Export the image as .png create new Affinity Publisher Document (300 dpi) drag and drop the .png into the publisher document - it is scaled to 300dpi - which is also shown in dpi-box in the upper left corner (I would expect it to be 72dpi) after ressing pressing the "original size" button changes the image back to 300dp (I would expect it should resize it back to 72dpi) I've also tried to drag&drop the .afphoto into the publisher document - this is correctly embedded with 72dpi - BUT - no dpi-control is available (but an edit document button) Note: in the resource manage the orignal DPI is shown correctly for both .png and .afphoto Note: I've also tested using .jpg instead of .png - same results. Thanks, Christian
  2. Hi Affinity Support, I can still produce the problem with Affinity Publisher But the problem is a little bit different now - sometimes the dialog opens, but it's still simple (and fast) to reproduce by opening the dialog, pressing cancel, opening again, ... until Affinity Publicher hangs. Please let me know if you need my document - I would be happy to provide it. Best Regards, Christian
  3. The line thinkness of the text frame in the exported SVG is wrong. (PDF and JPG are correct). Steps to reproduce: create a new document create a new text frame, insert some text View/Studio/Text-Frame - create a contour line, e.g. red, solid, 4pt - ensure that scale with object is not checked duplicate the text frame move the new text frame (so that both text frames are visible) resize the new text frame - e.g. double the with by dragging export to SVG --> the countour of the new text frame has not the expected width. test1.svg test1.afpub
  4. Windows 7, Affinity Publisher Scrolling is much to slow in the Studio/Pages view (size set to large) - I would expect to scroll one page per mouse-wheel-click (I've to scroll 9 clicks per page)
  5. @fde101 @dominik I'm sure that I've selected the image itself (tried it multiple times, different documents, loaded the image itself into Affinity Photo and confirmed that EXIF-data is shown) - Thanks for your help - but this would only be a rather uncomfortable work around, so it's no issue for me that this does not work as.
  6. @dominik Thank your for your answer - but selecting the image in Affity Photo does not show the EXIF data of the image - I'm using Affinity Publisher and Affinity Photo on Windows 10
  7. @dominik Thanks, but File->Edit in Photo opens a whole page in Affinity Photo - and the EXIF tab in Affinity Phtos does not show the EXIF data of the embedded image but the whole page
  8. @haakoo Thanks again - But: All I want is an easy way to show the EXIF data of images placed inside an Affinity Publisher document (regardless if - or where - I have a copy on my hard disk)
  9. @haakoo @wigglepixel Thank you for showing me tips how to view EXIF data in an external program. But my problem is to view EXIF data comfortable without searching for the original (if available at all, because if a image is embedded I've found no way simple to copy/export the image).
  10. @wigglepixel viewing the EXIF-data in an other program is no problem at all. But locating the image on the disk (or in Lightroom) takes much time.
  11. It should be possible to show the EXIF data of images - there would be two places where this would fit: additional Studio tab - e.g. named Information (could Display of non-image resources as well, e.g. number of words/paragraphs/... of a text field, ...) in the Resource Manager My use case would be to look up the GPS and other location information of the embedded image. Thanks, Christian
  12. Christian Luidolt

    Crash when scrolling

    Problem can still be reproduced with Affinity Publisher on both computers ( crashes more likely than or
  13. Problem can still be reproduced with Affinity Publisher on other computer running Windows 7
  14. Christian Luidolt

    Crash when scrolling

    Problem can still be reproduced with Affinity Publisher on other computer running Windows 7 (but it took little longer)
  15. Problem can still be reproduced with Affinity Publisher on Windows 10, wil test on Windows 7 on Monday. @Chris_K could you reproduce the problem or do you need more information?