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  1. @Chris_K Thanks for your reply. I've uploaded a text file containing a link to the document (file size is more 2GB) - Note that the file has already been downloaded by "Jon P" for the topic "Crash when scrolling". Thanks, Christian
  2. @Typo998 - Sorry - this does not help - Affinity Publisher hangs before opening the "Apply Master" dialog (reproducable with my big document). So no more user interaction is possible , the dialog is never shown.
  3. @Typo998 I want to assign a master to a master page - your screenshot shows applyng a master page to a "normal" page. Appling a master page to a master page worked for the document many times - the problem does not occure with a new document but only with my rather big one.
  4. Christian Luidolt

    Crash when scrolling

    @Jon P can be reproduced on different computer (Windows 7 Pro, Affinity Publisher with the document provided. PS: I've uploaded the crashdumps of the Windows 10 computer (and the tex file with the link) to the customer-files, I've uplodated the crashdump of the windows 7 computer to scrollcrash.
  5. can be reproduced on different computer (Windows 7 Pro, Affinity Publisher with the document provoided for the issue If you need more information please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks, Christian
  6. Christian Luidolt

    Crash when scrolling

    @Jon P I've uploaded the crash dumps and a text files with an URL of the document Thanks, Christian
  7. Affinity Publisher Windows 10 Pro 216 pages, 2,2GB and 273 images, 41 master pages (facing) After creating the 42nd master page I wanted to assign a master page to this master page (this worked without problems for the previous master pages) - but know if I left click on the master page, the menu is shown and if I select "Apply master...", the menu stays open and no further interaction with Affinity Publisher is possible. It's no problem to assign a master page to an normal page. I would be happy to provide the document if it helps to solve the issue. Have a nice evening, Christian
  8. Christian Luidolt

    Crash when scrolling

    I can reproduce the isseu by changing the page rather fast (open document and then just doubleclick on the pages in the page navigator) Changing the GPU to WARP (instead of using the Quadro M2000M) does not solve the issue. @Steps, @Guenter Diel: Thank you for providing the references to your threads. @Steps I worked the whole afternoon without any crash - the document has currently about 216 pages, 2,2GB and 273 images (the previous number was estimated to high), 41 master pages (facing) @Jon P - Are you interessted in the file? If yes, I can provide you with a download link (your dropbox link seems to be full and does not support files larger than 2GB) Have a nice evening, Christian
  9. Christian Luidolt

    Crash when scrolling

    Publisher terminates even with 2K display resolution.
  10. Affinity Publisher Windows 10 Pro, 4K-Display (200%) Document: ~40 Master Pages, ~180 Pages, about 400 Images (linked), File Size 1,9 GB Affinitiy Publisher just terminated without notice when scrolling - I wanted to insert a new text field in each left page (starting at the end) - after about 10 to 20 pages the application just exits. The effect was reproducable, but I'm not exatly sure if at one time it was the insert operation which triggered the issue. No more crashes (so far) after switching display resoultion to 2K (100%). The document can be provided on request. PS: file recovery works great
  11. View/Guides Manager miss the feature to set different values for horizontal and vertical gutter. Another nice feature would be to create "normal" guides from the column guides. Thanks, Christian
  12. For creating windows installer images .bmp and .ico files are required. It would be great to be able to able to export in these file formats. Thanks, Christian