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  1. Hi Walt, sorry for answering late, but got some friends visiting us yesterday... As I figured out today, I only have these issues on my Surface, on my desktop it's working fine and I can open all my heic photos. Therefore I decided to re-install Affinity Photo on my tablet and what shall I say, its working perfectly fine now. Thank you for your patience and Help, Michael
  2. I can confirm that both, my Windows photo viewer and Affinity Photo can open a test picture 'autumn_1440x960.heic' I downloaded from your examples page. But Affinity Photo cannot open the heic photos my iPhone created. Is that a know issue?
  3. Sorry for being imprecise: On my Windows 10 Pro version 1903 build 19025.1051 I am using Affinity Photo version When I try to open an heic file in Affinity Photo it says: Failed to open file, the file type is not supported. I know that Windows supports this format, but this was not what I am asking for. I would like to know when Affinity Photo supports this file format and I can stop to use 3rd party tools for conversion?
  4. My Windows 10 version 1.7.3 says: Failed to open, the filetype is not supported.
  5. Any news on when this format will be added? I now get tons of heic photos from iOS users and would like o avoid using 3rd party converters.
  6. Hi MEB, when Windows requires one (1) license, and I bought my version through Microsoft Store, how can I unlock the version I downloaded from your website? Thanks, Michael
  7. I have a similar issue, I tested the Photo app for a few days (download from Affinity site), then bought Affinity Photo from Microsoft Store (thought it is a good idea...) and installed on my desktop. Every try to start the app results in a BSOD referncing to my 'cldflt.sys'. It is the same version as Greyfox showed above. Then tested the MS Store app on my Surface, and it works perfectly fine! Reverting back to the downloaded test app on my desktop solved the issue, but it runs out in 5 days.. :-(
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