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  1. OK, really hope it will come in your next version Thx!
  2. Thx so much for your very swift reply Gabriel! Thx also for the workaround! Is there any timeline when full HEIC support would be foreseen for the desktop versions?
  3. Aff. Photo v1.6.7 apparently allows to open .HEIC files. Strangely enough some can be opened and others not. I cannot see why anything in these files would be different. This makes me wonder: - is Aff. Photo for Mac v1.6.7 supporting HEIC for 100%? - what could be the reason some of these HEIC are not recognized and the following message is shown: "Failed to open file. This file type is not supported." Thanks for your help! file_recognized.HEIC file_not_recognized.HEIC