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  1. Yes, please...I have 45 pages of 4 or 5 text frames to combine...
  2. Many thanks all for the inputs and thoughts. I think we are all essentially saying the same thing really - it would be great if a right click on a Master Page item on an actual page allowed you to edit detached. It seems a bit clunky as is but still a useful feature. It would also be very helpful if alert dialogues were generated to let you know why you can't edit something. For example, I recently copied an item from a master page element on a page, and pasted it into a newly created textbox off-document (for temporary storage) - immediately it became ineditable - I couldn't select,
  3. Carl - brilliant! Thanks so much. I was trying to use edit detached on the text layer. That's an amazing assist.
  4. Many thanks for the replies Carl and first defence Unfortunately edit detached is not available in the layers menu (I tried this as I have had to use this feature a few times when the moving items on a master page did not result in a move on an actual page!) Because what I am working on is a compilation of short poems using a variety of fonts , I'm simply going to create free text frames where I need to stroke Gabriola for example.
  5. I've been struggling for days on a strange little problem. I have used the stroke panel before to create a faux bold for a single family font (Gabriola). Suddenly I found it impossible to do this in a new document and have spent ages trying everything. I went back to my earlier work and found that the stroked text was still stroked and editable. The only difference is that the first document, is text in a text box drawn on the page in question; in the new document it is text placed in a master page text frame . It seems text flowed into text boxes created by a master page cannot be s
  6. I don't use iCloud drive, these options mentioned above don't help much, and don't really solve my issue. The saved file was made on my iPad and is saved on my iPad; I just can't open it any more on my iPad...it seems absurd that I can't now open it on my iPad without first uploading it to a cloud server and downloading it again...am I wrong?
  7. This is quite a problem - I have only just bought Designer for Ipad but have used the desktop for a while. Having made a new file to play around with the interface and apple pencil, I saved the file - just as anyone would expect to. However, what this does is delete the file from the application and save it into the Files app from where it can no longer be accessed by Designer. In Files, it has the Designer file icon and the correct file extension...however it cannot be opened. It is just lost there in a kind of file purgatory or limbo. Airdrop does not work either, because I tried airdro
  8. Hi Seneca, This really isn't a destructive v nondestructive discussion. One is not superior to the other. Both clearly have their uses, advantages and disadvantages depending on context and task. No one wants Affinity to remove the option for non-destructive cropping. All most of us here are advocating is that Affinity consider implementing an additional option for quick and dirty destructive cropping for those who need it - it would make the programme so much more efficient for those who would use it to reduce large numbers of files quickly as outlined in my first post.
  9. Thanks so much Mick, I think I was finding this as you were typing - sorry to have wasted your time. I'm grateful people are generous enough to help. It is still seems a little odd to me though that the clip to canvas and other settings seem to change (I'm not entirely tech novice so I'd know if I changed a setting!)
  10. Alright sorry folks - 2 hours later I manage to find out that VIEW MODE - Clip to canvas has been activated. Fine now. I didn't activate it - just as I didn't choose grey as a background for the text!
  11. For today's weirdness, I have two things that are just driving me nuts. Can anyone help and tell me what is going on? 1. On the master page I created a text box. It had a grey background...I didn't ask for one. In the character panel I was completely unable to change the colour to white or transparent even though the pallet says it is for 'background colour' (even with the text box selected, trying to establish a default for the tool or any other way in the visible menus). Eventually, I found I could do this is in Studio in a deep down menu call 'textbox' - this is completely counterintui
  12. Thanks for all the comments and interest, it's great that you all give time and trouble to help. Reapplying the master page without 'replace existing' may well cause some problems, however... In this case, I only tried this after the issue arose. In the end, using 'edit detachable' fixed the problem, but this was on the original master layer, not the extraneous ones. Had it been on the original, I would have lost all the text entered (this is what I saw while trialling turning off and on these additional master layers). Once the two extra were gone, I was able to move the text frame
  13. So - I have managed to fix this...but it is a fix, not a solution. And I still have no idea how this could have happened. Good grief, what convolutions. There is nothing in the help file that I could search for related to 'edit detached'. So here's what I found: Each page had 3 master pages applied - or rather the same master applied 3 times, showing in the layer panel, each with a variation on spacing. BUT there is only one master page in the master pages panel By showing/hiding the 3 master layers in page views, one by one, I found which one actually held the text. A r
  14. Hi Carl - thanks for taking the time to reply. I only reapplied the master page after the problem arose in an effort to correct it. Yes the transform/constraints is hover revealed. I have seen the 'edit detached' functioned mentioned before, but can't find any way to address this - it certainly isn't something I have done with intent. I have only worked with text flowed into the text frames. For today's weirdness, on reopening the same file this morning, I find that I can no longer select any text at all, in any text frame. What I am able to select is a paragraph whitespace at the beginni
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