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  1. Don't you find the mantra like promotion of permanent licenses toxic from a webdev perspective?
  2. Sure, it's a professional tool that should make you money using it. Considering the ongoing security issues in the web world, I don't mind paying a subscription if this means that the shit I'm using is properly maintained.
  3. Have you seen Webflow? Mind you, knowing html and css is recommended though, it's a visual tool for web designers who know what they're doing.
  4. Supporting Linux might not make you the money back quickly, but it can strenghten your brand perception and image. Linux is quite popular in communities like Deviant Art, and among artists in general. Designers is a different story. Most designers use Macs and Adobe software, and this won't change anytime soon. Affinity isn't very attractive for professional designers in my opinion, too much is missing for certain tasks. But it's great for art and people who design on a hobby level like me.
  5. Hi, I don't know much about package design and the requirements there, only that professional software (e.g. esko, Packz) seem to be PDF based, with PDF beeing the prepress format used to exchange dielines and designs and for print if I'm not mistaken. Is it possible to produce such PDF deliverables with AD that I could send to a manufacturer for my product packaging? Is here anybody with experience in the field? What would you do? What I have in mind is something like this: The manufacturer send me dielines of his packaging options as PDF, and I design the package in AD, and send him the result. I'm a bit worried about coming across as unprofessional if it turns out that the tools inside AD can't meet the industry requirements. thx
  6. Some lean apps for live tracing exist, from the same dev who created the code Inkscape uses (Potrace): http://image-vectorizer.com The software is usually GPL licensed, but the dev offers licensing for commercial software too. The Affinity team could contact him if they don't want to develop the code themselves. http://www.icosasoft.ca
  7. This would be a very helpful addition in my opinion, especially for people who want to earn money creating assets for online marketplaces and vector stock sites, or when working with clients. Having to watch out for incompatibility while designing can weaken your workflow, and often it's not an option to remove functions afterwards if your design relies on them. By disabling everything leading to incompatibility right from the start, you can plan your designs accordingly and work around the limitations. What do you think?
  8. It would be very helpful if an AI10 compatible mode could be added to document settings, which disables functions of AD leading to AI10 incompatible files right at the start. This would reduce brain pollution for inexperienced designers while designing, not having to watch out for possible incompatibility interrupting the workflow. It's kinda sad that you can't use AD's strenghts for print work, but it's still the better tool for simple stuff in my opinion.
  9. More photos: http://librestock.com
  10. The iPP GPU is very good, more capable than any Intel desktop IGP. If they use a lot of OpenCL or start using Metal, this could result in better performance. AD on the iPP might create a hype, be prepared :D
  11. I think the iPad Pro is a huge opportunity. Creatives love it and the Pencil, and having full versions of the Affinity apps means that much more people would join, it would be a must have for anybody owning the iPP interested in graphic design.
  12. Almost every creative app does have a gallery reachable from their website to show off the works done by it's users. Why not Affinity? If you want to browse works done by users, you have to register and check the share your work section. As a visitor i wouldn't bother tbh. This should be made easy. I browse the forum as a guest quite often, only sign in when posting, so it affects me as user as well. What do you think?
  13. Live tracing is really neccessary if you want to maintain the look of analog hand lettering and logos. Here you can see how it's used and the workflow from paper to digital: youtube.com/watch?v=vlsaI3f0JYc Like you can see in the vid, having advanced settings to adjust the tracing threshold is key for good results. Hand lettering is going strong on sites like Instagram, having this feature would make Affinity attractive to a big chunk of people.
  14. Quite often I draw having outlines turned on, and i noticed that I can only change the outline from the default to outside if a shape is completed. This is annoying because I need to rely on the exact size of the object I'm drawing, already seeing the outlines as they would be when the shape is finished. I always prefer outside outlines because edges aren't perfectly sharp with the other outline modes. Lets say you draw letters and are into lettering as I am, you need to see the outline to align it perfectly at the time of drawing the letter, especially if the letters are very close to each other, already tightly kerned at the time of drawing. Seeing the perfect outside outline after you completed a shape means that you need to tweak things, something which wouldn't be neccessary. I hope that you guys understand what I mean, the program will only get more attractive if details like that get fixed. Greetz
  15. Hey MEB, I haven't looked at other font apps besides Font Book, the problem is that disabling fonts might disable them in other apps like iBooks too, but it's a way to declutter the system indeed. I may look into those other apps if they let me manage the fonts on a per application basis. Thx for suggesting it! Seeing the last ten used fonts in the list is a cool feature, can't wait :)
  16. Would it be possible to customize the list of fonts? There are many which i would never use, and rather see the ones i use frequently without having to navigate the whole list to find the fonts. I use AD mainly for logo design and use fonts very frequently. Beeing able to customize the list would be a huge time saver!
  17. A smart objects equivalent would be nice, in my opinion it doesn't need to be compatible with PS. Maybe coupled with a Affinity site where users can upload and sell/give away mockup material, similar to sites like graphic burger, but compatible with Affinity software, and maybe integrated into the software too, similar to the Unity 3d marketplace. I would focus on real tasks, like trying to make it complete and easy to use tools for design tasks like logo design, where presentation with mockups is quite essential.
  18. Hi, As a user of other drawing apps i'm used to apply smoothening to prevent jittery lines while drawing on a graphics tablet. It's an algorithm that predicts your lines and filters out jittery movements, very useful for drawing on normal graphic tablets like the Wacom Intuos and especially the smaller ones, because without it, the little jitter everybody induces, produces ugly results on a screen while drawing on an area smaller than the monitor screen size, kinda exaggerates it. Krita, MyPaint, Mischief and other drawing programs have this option, basically a slider so that you can apply the smoothening amount yourself. I haven't seen such option for the paint brush tool inside AP and the advanced tool options, this makes it unusable for my digital drawings, because it's impossible to draw cleanly without it under these circumstances. I'd like to hear what you think about it, or if i have missed the option, please tell me where to find it! Other than that i'm pleased with AP, great stuff! thx
  19. I prefer this version, but just the fill in, not what is supposed to become the black outlines/shadows, just the triangle.
  20. If you rely only on Metal, you have to probably drop support for machines not supporting it GPU wise (Radeon HD 7000, Intel HD4000, GTX 4xx and up are supported, meaning that Imacs and Macbooks pre 2012 won't be supported). No idea if the Affinity team have the dev ressources to handle two versions, or if it can be added optionally. One of the many great things about AD and AP is that its very usable on old Macs, and i suspect that old machines are quite common in the community. According to devs who have tried El Capitan, older Macs (e.g. late 2008 MB) still work great with it though, no idea how Apple is handling this, because El Capitan is supposed to rely on it (Metal). It seems that they have a fallback option for it, for machines only supporting OpenGL. Adobe might phase out support for older Macs not supporting Metal soon, and affected users might switch to Affinity software. On the other hand, going with the tide and supporting new Apple tech might have promotional benefits on the appstore etc., because it would promote Apples own goals moving forward. Tough software politic decisions to make..
  21. Great, that's what i wanted to hear! Photo was on my list of must have apps anyway, looking forward to buy it from the appstore soon :)
  22. Is there an option to warp a design on to a surface, like e.g. attaching a logo design to a wine bottle or other uneven surfaces in Designer or Photo? If not, is it planned to get included into Designer or Photo soon? Currently i'm feeling a bit limited completing design tasks like logo design, because presenting a logo is a very important part of the process. Everything else needed for logo design is already in place, and works.
  23. Hi, I'm a streetart/graffiti artists from germany. As a aficionado of letterforms i got into design, mainly logo design and lettering as a digital extension of my graff love. Things are going very well so far with AD, which i bought a few weeks ago. Currently i'm still experimenting with the app, i'll post some stuff i did with it here on the forum soon. Greets.
  24. I would like to see how you use Affinity Designer and/or Photo for mockups from sites like Graphicburger, how you prepare your stuff with the Affinity apps for presenting it to clients, online battles or a portfolio. It would be very helpful for me and other newbies. thx.
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