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  1. Ok, I found it's very easy to replicate :) just create a document while holding the iPad in Potrait mode and take a shape tool (f.e. Ellipse tool) and draw a lot (~20) of shapes (each creates own layer) --> tada, you cant scroll all the way down anymore Probably a bug that was introduced with the new Portrait mode
  2. Hey guys, on some projects when the layer list gets a little larger it becomes impossible to scroll down beyond a certain layer. That means that you can't access all layers anymore ! (--> decreases usability heavily) I don't know what has to be done for it to happen, but I will keep an eye on it and will let you know once I figure it out. But apart from that I just wanted to thank you guys for Affinity Photo, it's a great app for Mockups of any kind :) Jam
  3. Hey Callum, No need to be sorry, but this will keep me from buying it for now. I'm looking forward to the trial and hope it becomes available soon :)
  4. Hey there ! After the relase of Designer and the sale thats going on, I wanted to try the Affinity Designer trial. But then I quickly realized that it is Mac only and a Windows trial will follow in a few weeks. I read in another thread that you still could try the beta until the 24 November, but the link to the Beta somehow is locked for me .. dont seem to have the permission. Question: Is it still possible to somehow get into the Beta ? (I wanted to buy it now and maybe wish myself the Workbook for Christmas - hence the hurry :D ) Thank you very much! Julius
  5. Hey guys ! I'm just a guy who loves doing art in my freetime. Currently I haven't bought or tried any affinity products (because I don't have a mac) but the videos tell me more than enough to see that it is an awesome suite. I'm currently looking forward to the iPad (Pro) Version of Affinity Designer as I'm currently using Autodesk Graphic on the iPad and there are just too many things it can't do compared to Designer. When that version comes out -- you will see me here more often :)
  6. I don't know what program you are using but it's achievable in Affinity Photo and Designer. A Youtube Video I found : This could also be achieved by a 3D software such as Blender (Open source - free)
  7. Hey there ! I love the Idea of Affinity Designer for the iPad and I know that you have plans for publishing a iPad Version. This sounds very awesome to me, but as many companies to scaled down Versions of their products for the iPad I'm scared it will be the same here. (Even if it's not needed due to technical limitations - the new iPads are fast enough for a lot of things) I'd like to have a full-fledged Affinity Designer Version on the iPad Pro. A lot of people including me would also pay the full price (dirt cheap) for the iPad version. I'd also really appreciate a Lite and a full vers
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